Discord Revenue and Usage Statistics 2024

Last Updated: July 2024

Discord is a free chat, voice, and video chat app. You can even stream games and videos for your followers/friends to view. Discord is ranked #8 in the US Play Store, and these statistics show that 30.26% of all Discord users belong to the USA.

Furthermore, Discord experienced 850 million messages every day through direct messages and servers.

According to bankmycell.com, Discord is expected to have approximately 29 million daily active users this year. The projections indicate a projected growth rate of 18.86% in daily active users from 2023 to 2025.

If you are looking for some eye-catching Discord stats, this post will walk you through the following Discord statistics for 2024.

Key Discord Statistics 2024

Discord User Stats 2024

  • Discord has 196.2 million active users in 2024.
  • Discord has more than 20 million active users.
  • Discord currently has approximately 614 Million registered users as of Jan 2024.
  • Discord saw a rise of 107 million users from 2022(456 million) to 2023(563 million)
  • The average US user spends 280.6 minutes (approx 5 hours) on Discord.
  • Discord saw approximately 245 Million monthly website visits in 2024.
  • At the start of 2024, Discord saw a 16% growth in users.
  • 78% of Discord users claim to use the app for non-gaming activities.
  • Discord servers host 4 billion minutes of conversation every day.

Discord Yearly Active Users 2024

As of 2024, the number of registered Discord users has surpassed 614 million, with 154 million of them being active users per year.

discord users

Source: bankmycell

Discord Monthly Active Users

Discord has 196.2 million monthly active users in 2024.


Source: Business of Apps, Statista.com

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Discord Daily Active Users (DAUs)

Discord daily active users are estimated at 29 million in 2024.

YearUsers (mm)

Source: Business Of Apps

Discord services are free of cost. Though users can still purchase their nitro plan which helps in bigger data upload, HD videos, and many more. 

Approximately 614 million users have availed of the Nitro service until 2024, and the valuation of the Nitro service is estimated to be $207 million until 2023.

Discord Nitro

Source: bankmycell

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Discord App Revenue

According to the last update, Discord generated approximately $207 million in revenue in 2023 from its premium membership subscriptions with over 100 million Android downloads.


Source: Business of Apps, Signhouse

What Percentage of Discord Users Pay?

Though the service is free still some users pay to avail of extra services like HD videos. Only 0.67% (1 million/150 million) of current users pay for the service. 

Source: Priori Data

How Much Has Discord Raised Through Its VC Funding?

Until July 2023, Discord had raised around $483.8 million in venture capital investment and was valued at $15 billion.

discord vc fund

Source: Pitchbook, CB Insights, Crunchbase

How Much is Discord Worth?

With tons of active users and operational servers, Discord net worth has reached $15 billion which is almost double its last valuation. 

DatePost-Money valuation
November 2013$2.34 Million
February 2015$48.5 Million
January 2016$108.42 Million
June 2016$282.28 Million
January 2017$725 Million
April 2018$1.65 Billion
December 2018$2.05 Billion
June 2020$3.5 Billion
December 2020$7 Billion
December 2023$15 Billion

Source: CB Insights, Earthweb, demandsage

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Discord App Downloads

Approximately how many downloads does Discord have to date? It has accumulated around 23.7 million downloads during the last quarter of 2023 alone.

Source:  Statista.com

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Discord App Reviews

discord reviews
Source: sensortower.com

Source: Sensor Tower

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How Much Does Discord Cost a Month?

Most of the services of Discord are free, though if you want to send files larger than a particular size or rep your support then you can subscribe between Nitro Basic or Nitro Premium plans. These are available for custom prices.

Source: Discord

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Discord Server Statistics 

Discord’s active servers until 2023 were 6.7 Million.


Source: Business of apps, Cloudwards.net

Most Famous Discord Servers

With more than 1.3 million members, Minecraft owns the biggest server on Discord.

Server Name

Server Subscribers













Live Insaan

486, 053

Among us


Anime Soul Discord




Dynamo Gaming


Servidor do Goularte


Source: Top.gg, Cloudwards, nichepursuits

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Discord Demographics

During the first quarter of the year 2024, Discord had 65% of male users with female users being only 35%.

discord demographics

Source:  Headphonesaddict, hostingadvice

Discord Generation Stats

  • The average age of Discord users is between 18-24.
  • The most frequent Discord website visitors constitute 39.61% and are of the same age group, 18-24.

Source:  Headphonesaddict

Discord Users by Country

Discord is used most by the citizens of the USA (27%) and the least in the UK (3.85%). Discord is also banned in China.











United Kingdom


Source: SimilarWeb, World Population Review

Discord Usage Among US Teens

3% of US teenagers reported that Discord is their favorite social platform.

Recently, Discord acquired Gas, a social media app that is built for teenagers around the idea of positive compliments. It gained immense popularity with 1 Million+ active users in just 2 months.

Source: CNBC

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Midjourney AI Tool Discord Bot

What is Midjourney AI?

Midjourney is an independent research lab that works on exploring new ways to expand human imaginative powers and thoughts. 

In simple words, Midjourney is an AI tool that generates image artwork based on human text inputs. Users can describe in words what they want the Midjourney AI art generator to create, and then AI creates sample images. The process is referred to as “Text to Image” AI art and the text descriptions used to command the AI are known as “Text Prompts.

Here are some examples of artworks generated by the Midjourney AI tool:

Midjourney Artwork
Source – Midjourney.com

Midjourney Discord Server

Midjourney runs a Discord server bot (Midjourney AI beta) that users can interact with using Midjourney commands through Discord’s chat input. There are several Midjourney commands that you can use to interact with the AI bot. For example, use /ask to get an answer to a question, /imagine to generate an image using a text prompt, etc.

Midjourney Discord Statistics 2024

  • Midjourney received over 26 million of traffic in Feb 2024.
  • 59.92% of Midjourney users are male.
  • Nearly 40% of Midjourney visitors were between the ages of 25 and 34 as of Feb 2024.
  • Midjouney Discord server has over 19.26 million users as of March 2024.
  • Midjourney’s Twitter handle has over 3.3L followers as of March 2024.
  • On an estimate, Midjourney generates around $2.5 million in revenue every month.

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Discord Alternatives 2024

Just like Discord, there are two other famous apps Slack and Microsoft teams. 

Discord vs Slack

Slack is more of a messaging app for business whereas Discord is used for gaming, streaming, and more. Slack offers a 90-day free plan with limited features and to avail of more features, you need to purchase their premium plans whereas Discord is free.

Slack and Discord Usage Statistics

  • Slack had 200,000 paying customers as of 2023 and Discord had 1 million then.
  • Slack has 20 million daily active users whereas Discord has 29 million.
  • 750,000 organizations use Slack, whereas Discord has 614 Million registered users.

Source: Business of Apps, Demandsage, Techjury, Statista

Discord vs Teams

Like Discord, Microsoft Teams is a video, voice, and chat app. It’s more of a formal app usually used by organizations and colleges. 

Microsoft Teams and Discord Statistics

  • Microsoft team recorded 300 million daily active users in 2023, whereas Discord processes 4 Billion minutes of conversation and 850 Million messages every day.
  • Microsoft team has 72.86% male users whereas Discord has 65%, male users.
  • Microsoft team is available in 181 countries and Discord in 60 countries

Source: Statista, Demandsage


How many users did Discord have in 2016?

According to Hammer & Chisel’s report, Discord had a user base of 3 million people in Jan 2016, experiencing a monthly growth rate of 1 million. By July of that year, the user count had reached 11 million. Subsequently, in December 2016, the company reported a global user base of 25 million.

Source: discord.fandom.com


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