Outsourcing Customer Service to UK Based Agents​

Make your British customers feel at home when they reach out to you for customer support on any channel. We have a team of British support agents who regularly look after complex customer issues. Be it live chat support, email support, phone support service or telemarketing services , Helplama has the best talent in every business vertical with relevant category expertise. Just reach out to us for a free consultation and we’ll try to determine if we can help you improve your customer support experience.

Outsourcing Customer Service to UK Based Agents​


GDPR Regulation

GDPR is a welcome step in privacy protection and we’re prepared for it. As data processors, we ensure that our data, servers, systems, and contracts are GDPR compliant.


The Most Convenient setup Process

Outsourcing is hard because most companies make YOU do the setup. We don’t work that way. Our customer support as a service model makes sure that you won’t have to spend more than half an hour during the entire setup process because we’ll do everything for you. During an average setup, we spend more than a 100 manhours researching your product line/policies and going through your past emails/phone calls so that you don’t have to break a sweat. At the end of the setup, you’ll get a list of agents, all perfectly trained on your process and you would just need to test them.

Customer Support Services by Helplama

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High-Quality Customer Support

At Helplama, we allot trained and tested agents to handle your customer support, ensuring a high-quality and personalized customer service experience.


Live Chat Answering Service

Get Native UK-based Live Chat Agents that are trained and tested on YOUR past customer chats so they can appease the concerns of your customers.


Email Answering Services

Hire UK-based agents with category expertise in your business domain to respond to your customer emails in real time.

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Phone Answering Services

Call Answering Executives from the USA with the appropriate tone, accent, verbiage and cultural background to cater to your customers’ needs.


Flexible Pricing Options

Just want some help with your customers who speak German and are worried that we might charge you for a full-time agent? We understand this. That’s why we tailor the pricing structure according to your requirements, providing you a good ROI from our association.


The Perfect Demographic

Not every company has the same customers. Some might be dealing with women specific products and others might be dealing in tech products for young people. Whatever your demographic needs might be, we’ll work with you to assign someone to your project who perfectly matches your needs.

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