Phone Order Taking Service

A significant proportion of consumers like to place orders over the phone. We make sure that even when your internal team is not around to take those orders, your shop stays open. Our order taking service is specially designed to make sure that your shop stays open throughout the nights, days and weekends.

Phone Order Taking Service

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A Secure System

When your customers place their order, our specially designed telephony system will make sure that their card information remains secure. We have worked with security experts to make sure all our systems are 100% secure and there is no chance of your sensitive customer payment data ending up in wrong hands.

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Agents Trained Specifically On Your Products

Before we get started, our process team will work hard to map out all the details of your product line/policies and our agents will be specially trained on your process.

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US Based Phone Order Taking

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UK Based Phone Order Taking

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Australia Based Phone Order Taking

Want Australia Based Agents to help your Australian customers?

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Volume Based Pricing

You shouldn’t have to pay for a full time agent if you’re simply seeing a few calls everyday. We make sure that you that you get the highest ROI you can possibly get and a part of it involves only charging you for the volume you use.