Pay Per Call Answering Service At 70 ¢/min

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Our objective is to maximise convenience and minimise expenditure of your business spend on voice support. We have the best personnel with domain intensive expertise at an extremely nominal price. Want to know how we do that? Talk to us. We are very transparent in our procedure of allotting an agent.

Our pay per call answering service starts from a low price of 70 cents per minute. When you use pay as you go service instead of complying with fixed monthly plans, you save a great deal of money on your telephone answering service. You are not charged the same price during idle hours as you are during the surge hours, which makes Helplama the smartest option to outsource your phone support.

Pay per call answering service by trained experts

Category Expert Virtual Receptionist Services

We train our voice support executives rigorously for your store using previous customer interaction data, product line and store policies. This ensures that the phone support agents acquire required skills and knowledge before they start handling your customers. We ascertain that you get the highest call answering support quality by subjecting the agents to mock call sessions. Afterwards, you can call the people who made the cut yourself to test their prowess, selecting nothing but the best personnel.

Pay per call answering service by trained experts

Want Domain Experts to take your calls?

Domain Expertise. Prompt Responses. Flexible Service. Local Agents.

Business call answering on point
Business call answering on point

Prompt Business Phone Answering Support

Our team sticks firmly to the conviction that your customers’ time is the most valuable. We don’t let your customers hear the phone ringing for long. Each customer is provided with swift and satiating answering support. We resolve every phone support complaint and query conveniently. We monitor all calls to track the individual performances of the agents as well as for quality assurance purposes.

Flexible live telephone answering service

Flexible Call Answering Service

We don’t impose strict pricing plans for our services. Our answering services are tailor-made to fit every business need. If you’re looking for outsourcing all your calls or just the overflow, we’ll work out a nominal plan which works only for you. Our services are lifesavers during busy periods or when your in-house voice support team is indisposed. We can be instrumental to fill the gaping holes in your customer support outsourcing due to varying time zones and geographical locations.

Flexible live telephone answering service

Other Customer Support Services by Helplama:

Live Chat Support

Hire local Live Chat Agents with category expertise in your business domain to engage your customers and appease their queries and concerns.

Email Support

Outsource Email Support to domain experts with relevant experience and appropriate specifications suitable for your business.

Outsource telephone answering services to anywhere around the world
Outsource telephone answering services to anywhere around the world

Outsource Telephone Answering Services to Local Experts

Our support executives aren’t just specific to business verticals, but also to the geographical location and language requirements. We prioritize finding local experts so that they know the customers well and interact with them in a better way. For instance, if you’re a US-based business, we provide US voice support agents with appropriate language skills, accent and tone. Moreover, they are well-versed in local issues affecting the local businesses and share similar cultural values as your customers.

What our awesome clients say about us:

Alex Back

Operations Manager, Apt2b

Our chat efforts in general now have a hand in at least 30% of all conversions and Helplama is responsible for 30-40 hours of additional chat coverage each week. Helplama’s chatters are definitely superior to what we’re paying them. They’re intelligent, able to handle a lot of information and use proper grammar. The collaborative nature of our relationship with Helplama has directly contributed to the success of our chat initiatives at large. The impact is very high and the cost is very reasonable.”

Sam Dean

CEO, PlugYourHoles

”Helplama has been great. It’s wonderful to have someone available to customers when we’re not in the office. Customers have instant answers, which means that they don’t have to go looking to my competitors.”


Customer Service Manager, Vitaly Design

Helplama’s setup process was Effortless! The agents were able to use provided responses to reply to any customer inquiries. They were great at handing off the inquiry if it was outside of their script. Agents were friendly and warm, they did not sound robotic or unwilling to help.