Outsource Live Chat Operators, Experienced In Your Domain​

With the advent of consumer awareness, customers tend to deem the suggestions and assistance of live chat operators as redundant. Their curiosity isn’t satiated unless they are convinced that the operator is an expert in the respective vertical. Hence, only genuine and resourceful answers to customers’ queries garner their trust and give them a reason to return again.

We ensure that by finding the right outsourced live chat operators, well-versed in your specific business domain. These support agents are then trained using  A.I. Chat Simulator based on your store’s chat records, product line, and policies. Then, their mock chat performance is scored so that you can judge their domain expertise and choose the best agents to interact with your customers.

Outsource Live Chat Operators, Experienced In Your Domain​


Dedicated Live Chat Operators

The dedicated and exclusive live chat operators procured by Helplama through our specialised channels provide unparalleled service to your store, focusing their undivided attention to your business. Unlike the common practice, where one operator handles the customers for numerous businesses from different verticals. Hence, this approach entailing individual attention and domain specificity proves efficient in escalating the conversion rates and ROI.


Outsource Live Chat Support with Complete Flexibility

Our live chat agents can bend and stretch according to your store’s needs. They work for flexible hours making it possible to handle your customer 24×7 when your in-house team is unavailable. Therefore, the agents engage your customers even during the weekends or late night hours. This increases customer outreach and eventually the conversion rates of your store. Thus, our live chat operators transcend time zones and geographical locations without slacking, to give your customers the best experience.

Other Customer Support Services by Helplama:


Email Support

Outsource Email Support to domain experts with relevant experience and appropriate specifications suitable for your business.

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Voice Support

Call Answering Executives with the appropriate tone, accent, verbiage and cultural background to cater to your customers’ specific needs.


Language and Location Specific Live Chat Agents

Hire live chat agents who speak the same tongue and share the same culture as your target demographic, with Helplama. No matter if you’re selling tortillas to Mexicans or cheese to the French, we have people fluent in the required languages, instilled with identical cultural values as your customers. Furthermore, we have a vast talent pool spread across the globe, with diverse cultural backgrounds from different nations. As a result, this makes us able to deliver high-quality live chat at your storefront, irrespective of your geographical location.

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