Outsourced Technical Support

Our solution doesn’t end at Tier 1 support. We also have experts who can offer Tier 2 resolutions for your customers’ technical problems. No matter whether you sell on-premise software, SaaS, or tech gadgets, your customers will always require technical support for features, bugs, or functionalities. Our team of technical experts will not only provide them support over email and live chat but will also help them with instant help over the phone. We provide a very cost-effective solution for your technical support operations, do get in touch to see if we might be able to provide some ROI.

Outsourced Technical Support

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Specially Trained Agents or Full Refund

We put in a lot of effort to train our agents on your product line. We’re so proud of our training efforts that we’ll let you test our assigned agents over mock support sessions before they go live. You’ll be able to get on phone calls with them and if you don’t approve of their training/quality, we will offer you a full refund.

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Flexible Pricing Options

Many companies like to use our services for specific customers or at specific times. We are more than happy to work with companies that don’t need a full time agent. We’ll look at your volume trends and will offer you a custom quote. We try to make sure that this ends up being a ROI positive deal for clients that work with us.

Customer Support Services by Helplama:


US Based Support

Get US-based Outsourced Agents to help your American customers.


UK Based Support

Get UK-based Agents to interact with your customers in the UK.


Australia Based Support

Hire Australia-based Agents to appease your Australian customers.

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We’ll Be There When You Need Us

Just need help during the the evening hours or weekends? Please reach out to us for a custom quote. We believe that no one provides the superior quality that a company’s internal team can provide. But, your customers shouldn’t be left alone when you’re not around. Our specially trained agents will go that extra mile to resolve the situation for your customer.

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