HelpLama's outstanding support has significantly elevated our e-commerce performance, reflected in an impressive 20% conversion rate from chat to sale. Their dedicated team seamlessly integrates with our operations, providing invaluable assistance and contributing to an exceptional customer service experience. We couldn't be more satisfied with their services.

Peter Jensen Kurki

Sales Executive at YachtsBlue

HelpLama's pivotal role in transforming our customer service, with a focus on chat support, has significantly boosted our modern furniture e-commerce business. Their ability to swiftly address pre-purchase issues over chat has led to a remarkable 5% increase in conversion rates, from 10% to an impressive 15%. Their knowledge and proficiency contribute directly to our success.

Stephen Hawthornthwaite

Co-Founder | Chairman & CEO of Rothy's at Rothy's

HelpLama significantly enhanced our customer support, impressively reducing our email response time from 24 to 6 hours. Their adaptability, seamless integration, and commitment to meeting our needs resulted in a substantial increase in overall customer satisfaction. The swift and efficient email support has been a game-changer for our clients.

Courtney Keating

Marketing Manager at Svaha USA, Inc

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