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Analyze customer journey, create automations depending on where they are on the journey and collect user generated content when they’re most likely to give you a shoutout.

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A Single Solution For Loyalty, Referrals, Affiliates And Operational Analysis

  • Manage Loyalty Program
  • Affiliate Sign Up Portal
  • Ability To Crate Variety Of Offers
  • Tiered Referral Program
  • Discounts, Cash, Points, VIP Tiers Or Timed Offers
  • Special Customer Service and Loyalty Policies For Tiers

Asking For Referrals Usually DOES NOT Work But…

The traditional referral rate is JUST 2%. This means customers do not like giving referrals.

For users who do not feel comfortable advertising about products on their social media, our content platform helps make it easier for them to produce real content on your industry, come across as industry-experts and discreetly position your product.

We suggest keywords, help them produce content and then, we help them share their content on social media, Reddit, Youtube and even rank it on Google.

Create A True VIP Program

With preferred customer service policies.

Preferred Shipping..

Early Access to Products..!

Use Customer Service Interactions To Pitch Your VIP, Referral And Loyalty Programs.

Would any of the following help grow your business?

Deep Analysis

Is your warehouse sticking to your fulfillment timelines?

Is the shipping company delaying too many orders? Can you find a better one?

Are your customer service policies obliterating customer happiness and referrals?

Which product results in the greatest customer happiness?

Which product sees the most warranty issues?

Is there a certain geography where you're facing more issues than average

24/7 Automated Monitoring

Setup automatic alerts for customers if their order is delayed in fulfillment. Proactively suggest resoluitions.

Proactively inform customers if the shipping company has delayed/lost their order.

Setup automatic operational alerts for yourself. Too many orders stuck in fulfillment this week?

Would any of the following help grow your business?

Automated Sentiment Monitoring

Automatically measure customer sentiments after key interactions, order delivery or great customer service!

Customers receive a text and an email 5 days after receiving their order....all automated!

Automatically reward the customers with the highest NPS scores.

Generate and Measure Referrals

Ask for referrals automatically when a customer reports exceptional happiness with your product or service.

Entirely automated and managed refferal process.

Measure the referrals. See if your generous customer service policies increase revenue.

Analyze Your Operations in Detail

Which product cateogory sees the most quality issues, is UPS faster or FedEx or, which product generates the most referrals...analyze everything in detail!


Continous Monitoring: Setup Operational Alerts

Worried about not having complete visibility into your operations? Helplama's daily monitoring system alerts you immediately whenever something goes wrong.


The World's First Proactive Customer Support Platform

Helplama continously monitors your operations and automatically reaches out to them if the product is out of stock or the order is delayed in transit.


Measure Customer Sentiment

Configure our platform to reach out to your customers at the opportune moment to get their feedback.


Generate Referrals

Referrals don't work...but they do if you ask for them at the right time. Turn customer support into a referral generating machine. Target customers with positive sentiment.


Create Customer Segments You Wish to Target


The Free


Referral Management

  • Create Rewards (Cash, Discount or Points)
  • Advocate Sign Up Page
  • Referral Order Tracking
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Customized Emails
  • Analytics

Affiliate Management

  • Custom affiliate links
  • Affiliate order tracking
  • Payout management

The Marketer

$99/ month
  • Everything in The Free
  • A/B Testing of Referral Strategies
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis (NPS)
  • Loyalty Program Management

The Master

  • Everything in The Marketer
  • Automate Referral Outreach After Key Events Like Order Delivery, Social Media Shoutout Or Customer Support Interaction
  • Segmentation and Analysis of Customer Service Tickets, Orders And Customers
  • Setup 24x7 Operational Monitoring And Automated Pro-Active Customer Support
  • Deep Operations Analytics Suite And Custom Analytics
  • Tiered Referral + Loyalty Program
  • Ad Tracking

The Fully Managed

  • Everything in The Master
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Support
  • Consultation on Strategies
  • Monthly Customer Segmentation Reports Created By Our Data Science Team