How to Calculate the Real Cost of Customer Support


Thinking about scaling up your customer support team? While this is a great decision, there might be a number of things on your mind. From setting up the infrastructure to hiring agents, your decision will likely be based on a number of different metrics, both long and short term. However, among the many fixed and […]

Voice Customer Support Center: 5 Proven Best Practices


83% of customers still associate the idea of customer support with speaking with an agent over the phone. This was discovered in a recent study carried out by Verint Systems, Inc. “Speaking to someone” is always easier for issues that may be as simple as changing a shipping address to something as serious as making […]

5 Proven Tips to Manage your Customer Support Tickets Effectively


Would you say you are satisfied with the ticket resolution time of your support team? If yes, the CSat and Net Promoter Scores for your brand are more than likely to be high. After all, there is a direct correlation between ticket response time and customer satisfaction which, in turn, influences referrals and repeat sales. […]

The Human Touch: How to Add Warmth & Connection to Your Customer Support?


The key to great customer service is making customers feel valued. Rather than using scripted lines, it is about being genuinely engaged with customers and going out of your way to assist them. This is easier said than done, though. Experts say that there is no formula that can guarantee engaged customer relationships. However, they […]

7 Efficient Ways To Reduce Customer Service Response Time


One of the cardinal rules of good customer service is responding to customers as fast as possible. It sets the tone for the rest of the conversation and can boost the overall productivity of your customer support team. No wonder, response time is a metric that is closely tracked by business owners. Slow response time […]

8 Qualities of Exceptional Customer Support


What makes customer support truly exceptional? Some companies like Salesforce define exceptional service as “building relationships with customers” while others prefer the term “proactive service”. In fact, businesses worldwide are spending a lot of time and money to codify the essential elements of exceptional customer support in a bid to gain an edge over the […]

Understanding Customer Service Requirements for Small Businesses


Achieving customer delight is rarely a linear process. It requires commitment and the ability to adapt processes and systems over a period of time. Why? Customers come in all shapes and sizes. The classic one size fits all approach is a recipe for failure. Over the years, great customer service has gone from meeting basic […]

Voice customer Support Can Improve Post-Purchase Experience


Is the post-purchase experience of your online brand as good as the product itself? If yes, your customers are likely to stick around with you for a long time to come. In fact, it gives them more reasons to buy from you, convinced that your product is the right choice for their needs. However, the […]

Thinking of Outsourcing Customer Support? Here’s why it could be your Smart Move!


Quality – the word sums up the stream of thoughts most business owners have in mind when they consider outsourcing customer support today. Many would even rank it above the equally pressing cost factor. Why? Poor service has emerged as one of the biggest challenges that almost all businesses face today. NewVoiceMedia found that 39% […]