12 Best Tawk.to Alternatives & Competitors in 2022 [Tried & Tested]


Every business is unique and in dire need of customer support tools that fit right with its exclusive requirements. So, exploring the market in search of a better set of benefits at competitive rates makes sense. Yes, Tawk.to is an amazing customer support tool, but is it indeed the right fit for your business? Let’s […]

7 Best Reamaze Alternatives You Need to Know!


With rapid digitization, online shopping is growing at a blistering speed. Especially after the pandemic, the shift toward online shopping has increased at an even fast pace. According to Statista, in 2020, there were 256 million digital buyers in the United States. This number is projected to increase to 291.2 million online buyers by 2025. […]

12 Secrets Of Shipping Confirmation Emails that Convert


Are you an e-commerce business owner? If Yes, here’s a quick question for you. From the customer finding your store online to the product being delivered at their doorstep, which phase of the shopping journey is the most rewarding for the buyer? Huge discounts? Fast delivery? Maybe not. It’s the anticipation for the delivery. Studies […]

Your Guide to Retargeting eCommerce and How to Use Paid Ads to Drive Sales


Suppose you get a first-time visitor to your eCommerce store. Will they buy anything on that first visit? Unfortunately, it is unlikely that they will. This is because customers usually need a few touchpoints or engagements with your brand before they decide to purchase anything. For example, how many times did you hear about Amazon […]

How to Clone/Duplicate a Shopify Store Quickly and Easily


Undoubtedly, e-commerce has scripted the success stories of many business owners. Being an e-commerce site owner, you may come across ideas on expanding your reach, maybe setting up a test or wholesale store, or diversifying in multiple languages or localized currencies, and whatnot. However, to get these plans into action, you need to know how […]

Best Shopify Marketplace Apps in 2022


Want to grow your Shopify store by connecting with leading online marketplaces? You can do so with Shopify marketplace integrations. Using the top marketplace apps for integration, you can gain visibility and customers, manage product listings, optimize order fulfillment, and much more. Top 13 Shopify Marketplace Integration Apps in 2022 Here’s a comprehensive list of […]

The Best Ways to Customize Your Shopify Website


Shopify is the hub for creating a new age store for the digital nomads. Shopify customization gives your brand the professional persona that customers are looking for. When you design the best Shopify store, you create a website that sells and pushes through tons of traffic to reach your target audience. Business owners seldom ask […]

These Cloud-Based eCommerce Platforms Are the Game Changers


Venturing into digital commerce needs you to stand out of the crowd, grow past the cluttered noise. Cloud-based eCommerce platforms host the prerequisites powerful enough to give you the edge. The ultimate goal that these eCommerce solutions provide is – a voice to your brand. When you speak through your brand’s voice, you create brand […]

Reducing Your eCommerce Return Rates: Benchmarks and Best Practices


Lessening product returns is one of the biggest challenges facing eCommerce businesses globally. Returns not only have inconvenient hidden costs but also harm profit margins, reduce conversion rates, and ultimately affect the brand. Nevertheless, every eCommerce business must have a clear, comprehensive return policy to maintain high customer satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, how your […]

6 Facts That Make eCommerce OMS a Must for Online Business


Managing online orders is simple when you are just starting as a business owner. However, after some time, you’ll need a more efficient way to take care of excess orders. A good eCommerce OMS (Order Management System) is an ally in this scenario. It enables you to smoothly manage the entire process of receiving, tracking, […]