How To Improve Customer Experience For Your E-commerce Store

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Uncover practical insights into customer experience e-commerce to boost satisfaction, streamline navigation, and foster lasting connections with this guide. Transform your online business to stand out in the competitive digital landscape. Businesses that prioritize improving customer experience (CX) report an uptick in revenue, with 84% affirming this positive outcome. Elevate your brand by prioritizing the customer journey today. /*! […]

How Personalized E-commerce Loyalty Programs Can Be a Business Game Changer


The world of e-commerce is a competitive one. Today, customers have the liberty to choose from a range of brands and businesses offering their unique products and services. While e-commerce has been around for a while, online shopping has seen a significant increase due to the pandemic. As businesses aim to increase growth by acquiring […]

How to Measure Customer Loyalty – Top 5 Metrics to Track


Word of mouth marketing is one of the best forms of marketing. Do you know how likely are your customers to recommend you to others? It’s time to find out. If your latest NPS score is 30 or more, you are doing a great job on the customer loyalty front. Anything lower means you have […]

5 Best Customer Loyalty Program Ideas for the Food & Beverage Industry


Who doesn’t like a free cola or beverage along with a meal they just ordered? The F&B industry is slowly getting back on its feet after the disruption caused by COVID-19, and restaurant owners are keen on recovering their losses. While there is a lot of enthusiasm, there are also legitimate concerns about the future. F&B […]

How to Evaluate Loyalty Program’s Value Proposition


Standing out from the competition is becoming more important than ever for e-commerce brands. In the post-pandemic scenario, customers are willing to experiment more often, and brands will need to put in more effort to keep them coming back. The key question to ask is: why should a customer buy from you rather than one […]

5 Proven B2B Loyalty Program Best Practices in 2022


The changing market dynamics since the pandemic have compelled businesses to focus on diversifying their supply chains. The traditional calling for RFPs (Requests for Proposal) or tender bids has been replaced by actively researching vendors and suppliers. B2B customers today are looking for better pricing and demanding responsive and reliable customer support. Online B2B sales […]

Customer Loyalty in Today’s Breathless Digital World


 If there is one lesson for brands to learn from the pandemic and its aftermath, customer loyalty is fickle and unpredictable. Customers are clearly looking for greater convenience and value in the digital age- more than ever before. Contrary to popular opinion, price only comes third on the list of priorities for customers today. A […]

Why Brands Need To Do More Than Just Sell! [Survey]


Today, we are in an era where customers not only want quality products but also want brands to understand their needs and take care of them. When we surveyed a large number of consumers all over the US, we discovered that 89% of consumers consider buying from brands that understand their needs and care about […]

Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors in 2022


With live chat accounting for a 40% increase in conversion rates, and chatbots generating 35-40% response rates, it is clear that both these features can do wonders for your business! Drift is a platform that many businesses use, particularly for live chat and chatbots. Nevertheless, many businesses are now looking for Drift alternatives mainly due […]

Loyalty Program Strategy: 6 Best Practices to align with your Business Strategy


Do you know that members of top-performing loyalty programs are 77% more likely to choose your brand over the competition? If you want to stand out from your rivals, you should essentially know the importance of Loyalty program strategies that can alter the behaviors of specific customers by implementing some core tactical mechanisms. The two […]