Restaurant Industry Statistics 2023

Restaurant Industry Statistics

By the end of 2023, the restaurant industry is primed to disclose a remarkable annual sales figure of $997 billion, prompting an exploration of restaurant industry statistics. In the 2021 post-pandemic period, the food and beverage sales in the U.S. food service industry saw a remarkable 19.7% growth. It also reached a substantial $789 billion, […]

Airbnb Statistics: Revenue and Usage 2023

Airbnb statistics

Last Updated:  In today’s world of travel and hospitality, Airbnb has carved a resounding legacy by changing how we experience our journeys and destinations. As we dive into the Airbnb statistics for 2023, we see a story of impressive growth, innovation, and global impact unfolding.  This report will peel back the layers to reveal Airbnb’s […]

Candy Crush Usage and Statistics

Candy Crush Usage and Statistics

Last Updated:  In this detailed overview on Candy Crush usage and statistics, let’s take a look at how it became a gaming phenomenon that has reshaped the freemium app landscape. It stands as a trailblazer, being among the earliest freemium apps to amass an astonishing revenue surpassing $1 billion.  Its influence has only grown stronger […]

BeReal Usage Statistics

bereal user statistics

Last Updated:  Welcome to the insightful realm of BeReal Usage statistics, an avenue through which we glean profound insights into the app’s trajectory. Notably, BeReal achieved a milestone by securing the #1 position on Apple’s App Store in the US in July 2022, a testament to its resonance with users.  The brainchild of former GoPro […]

Among Us Usage and Statistics 2023

Among us usage and statistics

Last Updated:  Welcome to the captivating world of Among Us, where this renowned online multiplayer game continues to mesmerize players globally. Among Us usage and statistics showcase its lasting appeal, with an impressive player base that exceeds 163 million monthly participants, all enjoying the intrigue and deception it offers. Its enduring appeal and immersive gameplay […]

Beauty Industry Revenue and Usage Statistics 2023

Last Updated:  Do you spend on personal care, skincare, and beauty products? Most likely, you do! The beauty industry is one of the few industries where both men and women spend a significant amount of their earnings. The following beauty Industry Statistics reveal the impressive growth and impact of this thriving sector, with billions of […]

Stripe Revenue and Users Statistics 2023

Stripe Revenue Users Stats

Last Updated:  Stripe, the leading online payments platform, has been on an incredible trajectory, revolutionizing the way businesses transact in the digital age. As we dive into the year 2023, it’s time to uncover the astonishing Stripe statistics that highlight its unstoppable rise in revenue and user engagement. With an impressive revenue surge of over […]

PayPal Revenue and Users Statistics 2023

PayPal Revenue and Users Statistics

Last Updated:  PayPal is the most popular payment app and interface, with the largest market share of nearly 42% globally. The practice of making purchases online was still frowned upon in the late 90s. There was no guarantee that the ordered items would arrive or that incorrect payments would be refunded. One of the first […]

Hinge Revenue and Users Statistics 2023

Hinge Revenue and Usage Statistics 2023

Last Updated:  Hinge is one of the newest dating apps that positions itself as the anti-Tinder by emphasizing committed relationships over the culture of casual hookups. It was initially integrated with Facebook and allowed users to list which friends they had crushes on when it was first released in 2012. The Facebook plug-in vanished as […]

Bumble Revenue and Usage Statistics 2023

Last Updated:  Bumble is a dating app built around the idea of empowering women so they can make the first move. Being one of the most popular apps across different parts of the world, Bumble has the most market share in the US after Tinder. Furthermore, Bumble is also one of the few dating apps […]