BeReal Usage Statistics

bereal user statistics

Last Updated: February 2024

Welcome to the insightful realm of BeReal Usage statistics, an avenue through which we glean profound insights into the app’s trajectory. Notably, BeReal achieved a milestone by securing the #1 position on Apple’s App Store in the US in July 2022, a testament to its resonance with users. 

The brainchild of former GoPro employees Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau, BeReal introduces a novel paradigm, capturing candid moments through random front and back camera snapshots. 

The app’s significance is underscored by its financial backing, having received a substantial $30 million investment from Accel and a16z in June 2021. It was followed by an additional $60 million infusion in October 2022, thereby establishing a valuation of $600 million

Join us as we uncover the data that mirrors the app’s triumphs and propels its extraordinary journey.

1. BeReal Key Statistics

  • By August 2022, BeReal’s active user base had grown to encompass a substantial 73.5 million users.
  • In September 2022, the Apple App Store recorded a noteworthy 13.89 million downloads of the BeReal application.
  • BeReal has achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing 21.6 million monthly active users.
  • Within this user base, a substantial cohort of 2.93 million BeReal users actively open and utilize the app each day.
  • In February 2023, BeReal boasted 47.8 million monthly active users, with a daily app access rate of 13 million. 
  • Since its inception, the app has accumulated 85 million downloads, primarily concentrated in the year 2022.

2. Overview of BeReal

Launch date  December 2019
HQ Paris, France
People Alexis Barreyat (CEO and Co-founder) Kevin Perreau
Business Type  Private
Industry Social

3. BeReal Revenue

3.1. How does BeReal make money?

BeReal’s sole source of income thus far has been through investment funding

As of August 2023, the app operates without the need for subscriptions, in-app purchases, or any form of in-app advertising. The current revenue model relies on external investors, aligning with the typical startup investment approach where the anticipation of substantial long-term revenue outweighs the immediate income requirements.

3.2. BeReal Funding

    • In June 2021, BeReal achieved a funding milestone by raising $30 million in a funding round. This funding round witnessed the active involvement of renowned entities such as A16z, Accel, and DST.
    • Progressing to May 2022, BeReal continued its funding trajectory, culminating in a substantial $60 million funding round.
    • This successful round of funding translated to an estimated valuation of approximately €600 million for the company. At current exchange rates, this translates to slightly less than $587 million.
Year Funding
202130 million
202290 million

Source: Techcrunch

4. BeReal User Statistics

By February 2023, BeReal experienced a significant decline in its daily active user count, witnessing a notable 48% decrease from its peak in October. While the app attained a commendable 20 million daily active users in October 2022, its subsequent trajectory led to a reduction to 10.4 million daily active users.

4.1. BeReal Daily Active Users

In April 2022, the app had 2.93 million daily active users. 

As of August 2023, BeReal’s application now touts over 20 million daily active users, representing a substantial increase from August 2022, when they counted 10 million daily active users.


Daily Active Users


0.71 million

April 2022

2.93 million

August 2022

10 million

October 2022

20 million

February 2023

10.4 million

March 2023

6 million

Source: Business of Apps

Bereal user statistics

4.2. BeReal Monthly Active Users

By August 2022, BeReal had achieved a milestone of 73.5 million active users. 

Furthermore, 20 million of those users were engaging with the app on a daily basis. This marked a substantial increase from July, during which the app had garnered 21 million monthly active users.


Monthly Active Users


0.92 million

July 2022

21.6 million

August 2022

73.5 million

February 2023

47.8 million

March 2023

33.3 million

Source: Business of Apps

bereal user statistics

5. BeReal Downloads

BeReal has amassed 100 million downloads, predominantly concentrated within the year 2022. By June 2022, BeReal had accumulated 27.9 million downloads, with nearly 50% originating from the United States. This was followed by the United Kingdom, France and Netherlands.

5.1. BeReal Cumulative Downloads from 2020 to 2023

BeReal achieved 12.8 million downloads in the United States in July 2022 and secured the top position in the Social Networking category on the Apple App Store.

By August 2023, BeReal had surpassed 100 million downloads.




0.02 million


1.8 million


83 million

April 2023

100 million

Source: Business of Apps

bereal user statistics

5.2. Which Country uses BeReal the most?

During its initial two years, BeReal experienced a notable surge in popularity, particularly within the French user demographic. Impressively, a significant 62% of the app’s total downloads before 2022 originate exclusively from France. 

However, insights from social media usage statistics reveal that the app rapidly gained traction in other nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, and Mexico.

The expansion beyond France is the pivotal factor propelling BeReal to its current status as one of the leading social media applications.

Presently, the United States stands as the foremost contributor to BeReal’s user base, constituting 27% of the overall user count.

5.3. BeReal Downloads by Country

Nearly 50% of BeReal’s downloads originate from the United States, while the United Kingdom follows closely with a notable 10.3 million downloads.



United States

2.70 million


1.68 million

United Kingdom

1.51 million















Source: AppMagic

6. BeReal User Demographics

The age distribution within BeReal’s user demographics is almost evenly divided between individuals aged 16 to 25 and those aged 25 to 44. Remarkably, there is limited engagement from users above the age of 45.

6.1. BeReal US Age Demographics

Amongst the user base of the BeReal app, 55.1% of the users are Millennials.

Age Bracket

Percentage of Users

16 – 25


26 – 44 




Source: Business of Apps

6.2. BeReal Gender Demographics


Percentage of Users





Source: Business of Apps

7. BeReal Employee Statistics

7.1. How many people work at BeReal

As of August 2023, the LinkedIn Company page of BeReal has 100 employees listed.

7.2. Is BeReal actively hiring?

As of August 2023, BeReal’s website displays 9 available positions. These encompass roles such as IT Manager, VP of Engineering, Senior iOS Engineer, QA Engineer, QA Lead, Communications & Marketing Lead, Head of User Research, HR Operations Lead, and Design Engineer.

8. BeReal Vs Instagram

In 2022, BeReal outperformed Instagram in terms of weekly downloads and was poised to secure the title of the most downloaded app in the United States for the month of August, surpassing even TikTok.

BeReal achieved a lead in weekly downloads over Instagram by early July and had successfully maintained that position for a span of eight weeks. Notably, in the month of July, BeReal garnered 1.1 million more downloads than Instagram.

instagram vs bereal

Partially influenced by BeReal’s expanding influence and partly prompted by criticisms from celebrities and existing Instagram users, the team behind Instagram had been compelled to decelerate the deployment of their recent update. This update aimed to transform Instagram into a more TikTok-like platform, integrating features such as full-screen videos and content from lesser-known creators.

Furthermore, in response to these dynamics, Instagram has introduced a comparable filter akin to BeReal’s functionality. This enables users to capture and post content using both front and rear cameras simultaneously.

9. BeReal vs Snapchat

While Snapchat seemingly integrated a dual camera capture mode reminiscent of BeReal, there exist significant differentiating factors that distinguish these two platforms from each other.
Aspect BeReal Snapchat
Video capture No video capture but rather focuses on moments Allows video capture with dual camera
Editing No post-capture editing Offers cropping, hiding, resizing
Layouts Offers PIP layout Provides vertical, horizontal, PIP, and cutout
Effects No effects or overlays Offers a variety of effects and overlays
Lenses No AR lenses or enhancing features Known for AR lenses for real-time enhancement
Time limit 2-minute capture finalization No time limits for dual camera mode
Saving captures Saves as memories, local save via screenshot Local/cloud save without posting
Music No music addition feature Enables adding licensed music to captures
Sticker No sticker addition feature Offers resizable, repositionable stickers
Reactions Introduces ‘Realmojis’ Allows message-based reactions with emojis, texts, or snaps

10. FAQs

10.1. How does BeReal make money? 

Currently, the BeReal application is not generating revenue. The company’s income has solely come from investor contributions in the form of investments.

As of now, BeReal does not offer any subscription options or in-app purchases.

Furthermore, the platform does not display any in-app advertisements, distinguishing it from numerous other social media platforms.

10.2. How many users are on BeReal?

BeReal boasts a monthly active user base of 73.5 million, with an added 20 million users engaging with the app on a daily basis.

10.2. What is the BeReal release date? 

On December 21st, 2019, Lexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau introduced the BeReal app to the world.

10.3. Who owns the BeReal app?

The BeReal app is presently under the ownership of its original creators, Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau. They are joined by Andrea Mach di Palmstein, who serves as the Head of Growth, and Romain Salzman, who holds the position of COO. Furthermore, a number of their investors hold ownership stakes in the company as well.

10.4. How much money has BeReal raised? 

At the beginning of 2022, the app secured $60 million in its Series B4 funding round, elevating the app’s valuation to $587 million.

10.5. How much is BeReal worth?

During the spring of 2022, BeReal received a valuation of $600 million through their series B funding round.


BeReal’s usage statistics paint a vivid picture of its ascent in the digital realm. The app’s impressive growth in both user numbers and funding highlights its appeal to a broad audience. 

The app boasts 73.5 million active monthly users, with a substantial 20 million accessing the platform daily. Notably, BeReal managed to secure $60 million in its Series B4 funding round in early 2022, driving its valuation up to $587 million. This rapid expansion and financial success underscore the app’s increasing popularity and its potential to become a significant player in the social media landscape.

With its original founders at the helm and key team members contributing to its growth, BeReal is poised to continue its upward trajectory and carve out a prominent space in the competitive world of social media platforms.