Top 7 Virtual Assistant Websites to Hire a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant websites

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the demand for efficient multitasking has led to the rise of virtual assistant websites. Embracing the power of remote collaboration, these platforms connect you with skilled individuals ready to assist you in various aspects of your endeavors. From administrative tasks to creative endeavors, these platforms have you covered, transforming the […]

How to Choose the Right Help Desk for Your Small Business


So, business is booming, and you have a backlog of orders to fulfill, queries to clear, and inventory to restock? We get it; at times, it may be an overwhelming experience. If you own one of those small-to-medium businesses (SMB), it might be the perfect time to hire a small business help desk. Reliable tech […]

How to Deliver Proactive Customer Service in 2022?


In the new normal, the idea of customer service is undergoing a major shift. Thinking two steps ahead can save your online brand’s time and money. While brands are looking to cut costs, customers judge their value in terms of problems solved and unique benefits and the ability to deliver. These factors play an important […]

Top Customer Service Trends for 2022 and Beyond!


Every few years, customer service trends evolve, but 2021 is likely to see unprecedented and revolutionary changes. This year, we will likely see a renewed push towards customer empowerment. In other words, brands will no longer decide where the interaction happens; the customer will be in complete control of that.  There will also be a […]

What Exactly Is an Internal Help Desk Ticketing System?


Employees love (need) to raise tickets. They do so to report system issues, request software upgrades, inquire about policies, travel reimbursements, communicate security threats, and so on. Statistically speaking: 19% of an employee’s time is used in searching and gathering information. 14% of an employee’s time is spent in internal communications. 28% of an employee’s […]

8 Shopify Marketing Strategies to Build a 6-Figure Business (With Examples)


An estimated 2.4 billion people were expected to buy online in 2021; furthermore, eCommerce sales are expected to make 21.8% of the global retail sales by 2024—numbers don’t lie, and the truth is: the future is eCommerce! When it comes to online shopping, Shopify is the undisputed leader. With a 32% market share in the […]

Learn 6 Invaluable Customer Service Coaching Methods in Just 3 Minutes!


Customer support can be the difference between a struggling and a highly successful enterprise. In addition, customers increasingly judge brands by the level of customer support they offer. As a result, businesses need to focus on customer support almost as much as sales in today’s competitive market. But how do you ensure that your customer […]

5 Call Center Benefits for Business That’re Too Good to Ignore


Being a business owner, you already know the importance of good customer support. And as your business scales, the need to have a dedicated customer support system becomes paramount.  Customers need to have their queries quickly resolved, whether during pre-sales or post-sales, but it can become overwhelming for a business to handle all the calls […]

12 Pro Tips on How to Talk to Customers!


In this customer-centric era, customer experience has become the cornerstone for the success of a business venture. Having said that, customer experiences are largely governed by how you talk to customers and how efficient your customer service team is. After all, improper customer interactions defeat the very purpose of creating a frontline. Don’t forget: “Customer […]

7 Stats That Prove ‘Live Chat’ is The New Frontier of Customer Service

Live Chat Statistics Trends Facts

Do you provide ‘live chat’ as a customer support channel to your customers? If not, you should. Live chat as customer support seems to be the new trend. Not only because it’s convenient and economically cheaper than other support channels, but live chat also results in higher customer satisfaction rates. A significant proportion – 73% […]