4 Examples of Bad Customer Support You Should Avoid like a Plague


Going above and beyond the call of duty is a popular theme in many Hollywood flicks. In real life, too, random acts of kindness often make the headlines, like a cab driver tracking down the owner and returning a misplaced purse. Such stories provide a welcome break from the gloom surrounding the pandemic that has […]

4 Secrets to Delivering Exceptional SaaS Customer Support


At the height of the pandemic, factories and offices worldwide wore a deserted look. However, work continued to get done fairly quickly, and we have the technology – particularly SaaS – to thank for that. Tools like Zoom and Slack have become household names, and their market valuations have shot up since. Running business operations […]

8 Unmissable Benefits of Multilingual Customer Support


If you think having a brilliant product is the only thing that matters, you may not be entirely correct. Providing customers with quality after-sales services is equally important. Professional customer service experiences play a critical role in client retention.  Whether you are into e-commerce or in the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal […]

Tick Every Customer Support Box with Helplama: Here’s How

Customer Support Box

Time and cost – the two biggest hurdles to scaling customer support teams are not insurmountable. In fact, hundreds of companies have managed to successfully support their customers despite the challenges posed by the shift to remote working. How? You guessed it, by outsourcing customer support to a specialist. Now, you have probably considered doing […]

Can you Automate Customer Support without Enraging Your Customers?


Almost anywhere you look, you’ll find that AI is making waves. Driverless cars could soon become a common sight on our roads, and the appliances in your kitchen are already capable of talking to each other, thanks to the latest Internet of Things (IoT) apps. Customer support has already undergone a generational shift since the […]

5 Benefits of Integrated Call Center Solutions


If you are a call center manager, meeting Service Level Agreement (SLAs) is probably your biggest challenge right now. The pandemic may have exposed some major shortcomings in your operations and fixing them quickly- and in the most cost-effective way- is critical. But for the uninitiated, Service Level is nothing but the number of inbound […]

How Consumers React To Poor Customer Service [Survey]


Customers expect seamless customer service from a company, and meeting their expectations is crucial for a company to survive. But how crucial is it? Our survey indicates that customer service is a key factor that can even lead to the end of a business relationship within a short period. A significant proportion, 68% of customers […]

How CX Data Can Enhance Customer Support in 2021


Creating the right customer experience has been the top priority for business owners. A few years ago that would have meant running a survey and analyzing customer feedback for clues about what they really wanted. You would carefully select the questions to ask and send the survey at the right time to hopefully get the […]

4 E-Commerce Customer Service Best Practices in 2021


It is tough to survive in a market dominated by big e-commerce brands. ‘Big billion Days’ sales, two-day delivery, and massive discounts have been a big draw with shoppers, undercutting smaller online brands. However, there are always gaps that smaller online stores can exploit to attract customers. For one, small brands are ideally placed to […]

Your Customer Service Should Team Up With Sales and Marketing. Here’s WHY.


Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service are the three pillars on which rests the success of your online store. While the sales team converts prospects into customers, the marketing team finds the best way to convey the value behind your product. Together, they help you differentiate yourself and avoid having to compete on price.  Finally, it […]