9 SaaS Tools for Small Businesses in 2023

saas for small business

Are you looking to streamline your growth and wondering what the right tools are in SaaS for a small business? Look no further! Embracing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for small businesses can be a game-changer. In 2023, the SaaS market will be booming, with 78% of small businesses investing in SaaS options. Discover the nine SaaS tools […]

Save Time and Money by Automating Your Customer Support

It is a well-known fact that customers do not like to be kept waiting. According to international research firm Valero, more than 60% of customers hang up if they are kept on hold for more than 2 minutes. In today’s competitive market, it does not take too long for dissatisfied customers to switch to other […]

How to Calculate the Real Cost of Customer Support


Thinking about scaling up your customer support team? While this is a great decision, there might be a number of things on your mind. From setting up the infrastructure to hiring agents, your decision will likely be based on a number of different metrics, both long and short term. However, among the many fixed and […]

5 Tips to Build a Great Customer Service Team


Good customer service takes teamwork. By putting their skills and talents together, a team of committed customer service agents can satisfy customer needs and create lasting engagement. This results in higher loyalty and lifetime value. However, finding the right talent is critical to delivering the kind of customer service you want your brand to be […]

6 Tried and Tested Tips for Remote Customer Support


To reduce operating costs and ensure 24X7 customer support coverage, businesses around the world have been pivoting to remote customer service. The coronavirus crisis has only accelerated this trend. The advantages in terms of both service quality and attrition management are a no brainer. As customers demand personalized support, the appeal of remote teams supported […]

Best Customer Support Practices for Superior Customer Service


Exceptional customer service has real and tangible benefits for your company’s bottom line. Incorporating effective customer support practices can help you generate word-of-mouth publicity, earn valuable referrals, boost customer retention rates, and consequently reduce your marketing expenditures. This is especially crucial during the coronavirus crisis, which is putting pressure on budgets and reshaping consumer priorities. […]

Building a Rapport with Customers Using Voice Support


Personalization of service and building a rapport with customers is a key priority for business leaders across the industries today. Survey after survey has revealed that customers want to be treated as human beings. Yet – despite their best intentions – companies sometimes tend to over-engineer their customer support channels which make navigating through them […]

Key Metrics to Measure the Efficacy of Your E-Commerce Customer Support


Customer service is important, very important. Stats show that almost 80% of companies believe that they provide “exceptional service” to their customers. However, the reality is far from it. This misconception on the part of the companies compromises the quality of support and increases avoidable expenses. Whether you are debating the need for a customer […]

8 Qualities of Exceptional Customer Support


What makes customer support truly exceptional? Some companies like Salesforce define exceptional service as “building relationships with customers” while others prefer the term “proactive service”. In fact, businesses worldwide are spending a lot of time and money to codify the essential elements of exceptional customer support in a bid to gain an edge over the […]

Voice customer Support Can Improve Post-Purchase Experience


Is the post-purchase experience of your online brand as good as the product itself? If yes, your customers are likely to stick around with you for a long time to come. In fact, it gives them more reasons to buy from you, convinced that your product is the right choice for their needs. However, the […]