What is a Good Referral Rate – Do Referral Programs have Benchmarks?


How do you know whether your referral program is performing as expected? By benchmarking it against other programs in your niche. Many metrics can help you get a clear picture. However, referral rate is the ultimate measure of the successful performance of your referral program. It is the percentage of referred sales out of the […]

eCommerce Customer Relationship Management: How CRM software can help you level up!


You probably have heard of Customer Relationship Management in e-commerce already. Most of the companies assume it’s important. In fact, 65% of companies use a CRM system according to Salesforce. That’s because using a CRM system/software simplifies the process of customer interaction and other customer relationship management tasks.  So it is a no-brainer that you […]

13 Pro Tips to Enhance Post-Purchase Customer Experience in 2022


Post-purchase customer experience is a thing that you should prioritize over customer acquisition. That’s because 41% of revenue in the US comes from repeat purchases[1] that are driven by a great post-purchase customer experience. In this guide, you will learn 13 tips on how to enhance the post-purchase experience of your customers. 1. Follow up […]

11 Best Olark Alternatives & Competitors in 2022


Installing a live chat feature for your customer support can work wonders. Do you know why? As per data, adding live chat to your website can improve conversions by 12%. Olark is one such live chat software installed by a lot of brands. Nevertheless, as you know, every tool has its own shortcomings. In search […]

Top 5 Drift Alternatives & Competitors in 2022


With live chat accounting for a 40% increase in conversion rates, and chatbots generating 35-40% response rates, it is clear that both these features can do wonders for your business! Drift is a platform that many businesses use, particularly for live chat and chatbots. Nevertheless, many businesses are now looking for Drift alternatives mainly due […]

Top 10 Freshchat Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers expect brands to respond quickly. That is why, regardless of size, businesses choose live chat. Furthermore, the global average customer satisfaction rating for live chat is 83.1%. Freshchat (renamed Freshdesk Messaging) is a well-known live chat software that is used by many businesses. Although this platform is appropriate for your […]

7 Best GetGuru Alternatives and Competitors [Tried and Tested]

Best GetGuru Alternatives and Competitors

If you are looking for a Knowledge base software “go GetGuru” would be the reply of many people. Guru platform is the leading knowledge tool that consolidates critical business knowledge for instant access, smooth onboarding, and streamlined communication. Then why are we talking about Guru competitors? Guru Knowledge Management has some flaws which compel us […]

Loyalty Program Strategy: 6 Best Practices to align with your Business Strategy


Do you know that members of top-performing loyalty programs are 77% more likely to choose your brand over the competition? If you want to stand out from your rivals, you should essentially know the importance of Loyalty program strategies that can alter the behaviors of specific customers by implementing some core tactical mechanisms. The two […]

Top 7 B2B E-commerce Best Practices in 2022


B2B e-commerce is much more than just selling products and services. It’s also about understanding customer needs and fulfilling their expectations throughout their customer journey. In fact, in our survey, 85% of consumers said they want brands to exceed their expectations across their entire customer journey, and not just while purchasing with them. So, for […]

How Managed E-commerce Services Can Help Your Business Grow in 2022


According to Wpforms, There are an estimated 12 million – 24 million eCommerce sites across the entire globe, with more and more being created every single day. So it can be really tough for you to compete. Nevertheless, good customer service can help you put a leg up on the competition. In fact, 89% of […]