Top 5 Reasons Why Chatbots Fail and How to Prevent Chatbot Failure

Why chatbots fail?

Chatbots are defined as software agents that rely on natural language processing and interact through a chat interface. Due to important advancements in machine learning and AI technology, chatbots are increasingly transforming the way we interact with software, providing a great opportunity for businesses, small or big, to automate their customer support. The top industries […]

Best Ways To Hire Outsourced Live Chat Agents

Best ways to outsource live chats

Through the years, Live chat has evolved from an optional luxury to an immediate necessity for an eCommerce business. Given the efforts contributed towards its advancement and innovation, the live chat feature has become so indispensable that its exclusion from an online business prevents 77% of customers from making a purchase. Exclusion of Live Chat […]

7 Stats That Prove ‘Live Chat’ is The New Frontier of Customer Service

Live Chat Statistics Trends Facts

Do you provide ‘live chat’ as a customer support channel to your customers? If not, you should. Live chat as customer support seems to be the new trend. Not only because it’s convenient and economically cheaper than other support channels, but live chat also results in higher customer satisfaction rates. A significant proportion – 73% […]

Understanding Customer Service Requirements for Small Businesses


Achieving customer delight is rarely a linear process. It requires commitment and the ability to adapt processes and systems over a period of time. Why? Customers come in all shapes and sizes. The classic one size fits all approach is a recipe for failure. Over the years, great customer service has gone from meeting basic […]

Outsource Customer Support: 5 Key Reasons for Your Business


To an online store owner, the decision to outsource customer support may seem like a no-brainer given the time and cost advantages it has to offer. However, think about this for a minute…what if your outsourcing vendor came aboard ship as a partner, an integral part of your team – a Director of Customer Service, […]

15 Best Live Chat Software: Comparison After Using In 2020

Live chat outsourcing services

Try Our FREE Live Chat Software Suggester. Try Our FREE Live Chat Software Suggester There are dozens and dozens of live chat softwares and they come with so many bells and whistles, that it can end up being a daunting task to find the best one for your specific use case. Reading several blog posts […]

When not to use chat bots

Chatbots are being extensively used in current times for services like customer service outsourcing. Chatbots do offer numerous benefits but they have certain drawbacks which makes them unsuitable for use in many situations. You can automate interactions with users and customers but overusing chatbots can land you in trouble. For example, chatbots should not be […]

15 Best Live Chat Software Solutions We’ve Used

top live chat software

15 Best Live Chat Software Solutions We’ve Used When it comes to choosing the best live chat software, the market is flooded with a multitude of options. Now, you can always choose what’s popular, but it won’t necessarily be the best option for your specific needs and use cases. You need to pick a software […]

List of Best Outsourcing Companies in USA

Top 10 BPO outsourcing companies in USA

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a great way for outsourcing companies in the USA to delegate repetitive tasks and focus on important management and development decisions. In fact, 24% of small businesses choose outsourcing to increase efficiency. But choosing an outsourcing company is not an easy decision to make. That’s because delegating your business processes […]

Why Outsource Customer Support: A Definitive Guide

outsource customer support

The decision to outsource customer support comes into picture when you realize that the needs of your customers are escalating exponentially. Either the inbound volume of your customers’ queries start overflowing or you miss out on time due to a void in customer engagement past the working hours. Hence, you can miss a huge chunk […]