E-commerce Purchase Support Team: 8 Ways That It Can Help!

ecommerce purchase support team

Welcome to the world of e-commerce, where success hinges on more than just great products. In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, a dependable E-commerce Purchase Support Team plays a pivotal role.  According to recent studies by the Global Survey, 83% of online shoppers require assistance during their purchase journey. From pre-purchase queries to post-sales support, […]

12 Pro Tips on How to Talk to Customers!


In this customer-centric era, customer experience has become the cornerstone for the success of a business venture. Having said that, customer experiences are largely governed by how you talk to customers and how efficient your customer service team is. After all, improper customer interactions defeat the very purpose of creating a frontline. Don’t forget: “Customer […]

How Consumers React To Poor Customer Service [Survey]


Customers expect seamless customer service from a company, and meeting their expectations is crucial for a company to survive. But how crucial is it? Our survey indicates that customer service is a key factor that can even lead to the end of a business relationship within a short period. A significant proportion, 68% of customers […]

How to Handle Angry Customers Like A Pro (with Examples)


Is it possible to convert an angry customer into a brand advocate? How you answer this question reflects whether you have a defensive or proactive mindset when dealing with one.  Rude or angry customers can be a handful. Depending on the situation, they are likely to do some or all of the following: Escalate an […]

5 Tips to Build a Great Customer Service Team


Good customer service takes teamwork. By putting their skills and talents together, a team of committed customer service agents can satisfy customer needs and create lasting engagement. This results in higher loyalty and lifetime value. However, finding the right talent is critical to delivering the kind of customer service you want your brand to be […]

How Helplama Powers E-commerce Stores Customer Support


The e-commerce industry is going through a period of unprecedented growth, and there is a lot of excitement among online business owners today. However, customer expectations are also changing rapidly. In the new normal, customers prioritize convenience, a seamless buying experience, and top-notch customer support over mere discounts when navigating E-commerce stores. So, what separates […]

6 Things to Do When You Know Your Customer Has Misinterpreted Things


Managing customer expectations efficiently is the key to retaining them for the long term. Customers that do complain provide brands vital clues about what’s working and what isn’t. However, not all customer complaints arise from genuine issues with your product. Some of them are the result of misunderstanding or unreasonable expectations on the part of […]

How to Incorporate Accountability among Your Customer Service Agents?


Doing the right thing, the right way is a critical part of doing business, not just for e-commerce stores, but for any commercial enterprise under the sun. Failing to meet service level agreements or standard terms and conditions can create distrust in the minds of customers and between members of your own team. This can […]