7 Powerful Support Email Writing Hacks that Really Works


Sending out dozens of customer support emails are the daily chores of marketing agents globally and perhaps it’s easy to undervalue the primary importance it has. Just a factually wrong or an ill-written support email can have effects you’d not want at all for your business. Do you know that the good ol’ emails beat other […]

5 Tips to Revive Failed Customer Loyalty Programs


To retain your customers, you have to think long term. This means thinking not only in terms of sales but also building relationships with them. If your customers feel valued and appreciated, you can generate priceless word-of-mouth publicity. In turn, this stimulates referrals, positive online reviews and lowers marketing costs. This is a key reason […]

Virtualize Your Physical Customer Support Operations in 2021


The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly created one of the biggest shifts in how companies provide customer support. With offices being shut, they have had to adjust to virtualize customer support, transitioning to remote work at short notice with customers desperate for help This has, in turn, thrown up new challenges for virtualized customer service teams. For […]

Why Marketing and Customer Service Teams Should Collaborate


Although they may seem like two drastically different functions, your marketing and customer service are deeply integrated.  Marketing is the grand plan to promote your business and drive sales of products or services, and customer service forms an integral part of that grand plan. Customer service is one of the primary points of contact a […]

7 Best Practices to Provide Best-in-Class SaaS Support


The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the scorching pace of SaaS adoption around the world. Gartner reports that the SaaS market will grow 10.5% by the end of this year. Given the massive opportunity, SaaS businesses are gearing up to extend their existing products to new use cases and adding value-added services. While many SaaS […]

Customer Support Automation Enhances Customer Experience


Customer support automation is no longer something on the distant horizon. It is an inevitable reality that is redefining how businesses interact with their customers. If anything, the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated the shift. According to a study by business messaging platform, Intercom, more than 55% of businesses are moving […]