Omegle is a website where two strangers can chat or video call. The strangers are paired randomly and globally. It does not require any account creation or age verifications, thus it’s used mainly by teenagers. 

Omegle saw significant growth during Covid-19 and in December 2020 it was at its peak.

Furthermore, 23.5 Million people visit Omegle every week and chat with strangers.

Omegle User 2022

Omegle user statistics 

  • Weekly Omegle active users are 2.35 million.
  • Omegle’s daily active users are 3.35 million.
  • There are 139,880 active users on Omegle every hour.
  • 2,331 users visit Omegle every minute.
  • There are 39 new visitors every second on Omegle.
  • 29.19% of total users are from the US. 
  • 45.26% of the total traffic on Omegle is from Youtube.
  • Omegle has a bounce rate of 54.76%.

Source: OneHour Professor

How Many Users are on Omegle?

77 million users visited Omegle in August 2022.

Source: SimilarWeb

Omegle App Revenue 2022

  • Omegle generates $216 million in revenue every year.
  • $4.5 million in revenue is generated by Omegle every week.
  • $642,857 is generated as revenue by Omegle every day.
  • Omegle generates $26,786 in revenue every hour.
  • Omegle generates $446 in revenue every minute and $7.44 every second.

Source: OneHour Professor

Omegle’s Yearly Profit

Omegle earns $172.8 million profit every year.

Source: OneHour Professor

Omegle’s Monthly Profit 

Omegle generates $14.4 million every month.

Source: OneHour Professor

How Much is Omegle Worth?

Omegle’s net worth is valued at $504 Million.

Source: OneHour Professor

*Note: Data is based on Omegle users on different devices and platforms.

Who Uses Omegle?

Which Country Uses Omegle the Most?

With 31.24% visitors, the US tops the list for the most number of visitors on Omegle.  

Source: SimilarWeb

Audience Demographics

Omegle has 34.92% female and 65.08% male users. 

Source: SimilarWeb

Age Distribution on Omegle

18-24 yr old comprises the largest age group on Omegle with 37.04% and 65+being the least at 3.93%.

Source: Similarweb

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Omegle Reviews

Being an app not trusted by parents, Omegle has always been in the limelight for its bad reviews. It has a 2.8/5⭐ rating, of which 3⭐ are 60%.

Source: Mouth Shut

Omegle Traffic Stats

Omegle’s maximum traffic comes through social media with YouTube being the top contributor at 45.26%.

Source: Similarweb

Marketing Channel Overview

Omegle does not advertise itself, all the advertisement is mouth-to-mouth marketing. However, YouTube streamers play a significant role by streaming Omegle chats on their channels. Still, Omegle receives 61.25% of the total users directly without any advertisement. 

Source: Similarweb

Omegle Alternatives

Since Omegle gained popularity during the pandemic, there have been many new alternatives in the market. Some of these alternatives are:

Omegle vs Chatous

Chatouse has its App registered on Google Playstore whereas Omegle doesn’t. Omegle is ranked at #340 in the United States and Chatous is ranked #7,051.

Chatouse and Omegle Stats

  • As per category, Omegle is ranked #18 and Chatouse is ranked #130.
  • Chathouse has nearly 2.5 million visitors whereas Omegle has 77 million active visitors.

Omegle vs Cleverbot

2.3 million users visited Cleverbot in August 2022. Cleverbot has a bounce rate of 70.88% whereas Omegle’s bounce rate is 54.76%.

Cleverbot and Omegle Stats

  • Cleverbot’s highest percentage of visitors are from Australia(21.67%), whereas Omegle’s top visitors are from the US(31.24%)
  • Cleverbot is ranked #56,505 globally and Omegle is ranked #451.
  • The average user duration of Cleverbot and Omegle is 18:14 mins and 7:21 respectively.

Source: Semrush, Similarweb

Omegle vs Emerald

Emerald chat had 756.7k visitors in august. Just like Omegle most of the visitors on Emerald are from the US(29.08%).

Emerald and Omegle Stats

  • 31.28% of users on Emerald are women whereas Omegle has 34.92% of female visitors.
  • Users of age 25-34 mostly use Emerald(30.49%), on the other hand, Omegle is mainly used by users of age 18-24 years(37.04%).

Source: Similarweb, Similarweb


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