10 Education Brands Searching For Influencers

Education Brands Searching For Influencers

When you are an influencer, the easiest way to earn money is to collaborate with brands. However, you cannot just work with any brands, you need to choose the ones that are useful to your audience. When you think carefully, you can see that education brands are always needed. Whether you are an amateur or an expert in any field, there is always something you can learn.

That is why we are providing you with a list of 10 education brands with which you can collaborate.

10 Brands Looking for Education Influencers

  1. BrainPop
  2. SocialZesh/ Cubed Fusion
  3. Short Circuit Media
  4. I Love to Teach 101 
  5. E Teacher App 
  6. Udemy 
  7. LTL Mandarin School 
  8. Skillshare 
  9. WeAreTeachers 
  10. Ilini

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#1 BrainPop

BrainPop Education Brands
Image source – brainpop.com

BrainPop hosts more than 1,000 short animated videos for students. They also offer quizzes, and subject-related materials covering social studies, science, maths, English, and even health & SEL, engineering & technology, arts, and music. 

Students can learn the topics in a fun way through engaging activities.

Overall, BrainPop is an animated educational website for kids. It would be an ideal choice for people whose children are homeschooled. 

Moreover, BrainPop is based in New York and was founded in 1999.


Finally, if your audience is parents or children in grades 3-8+, then BrainPop is the best brand to collaborate with.

#2 SocialZesh/ Cubed Fusion

Cubed Fusion Education Brands
Image source – cubedfusion.co.uk

Recently rebranded to Cubed Fusion, SocialZesh provides social media training courses online along with delivering web design and SEO services to businesses. 

The founder Martin Reynolds is an expert in digital marketing and Martyn Oakley has experience in producing presentations, graphics, and videos. Together they created the SocialZesh.

Whether you are a business owner or a sole trader, you can learn how to use social media effectively and bring success to your company by studying the provided courses.


For an influencer whose audience includes business owners, marketing, and social media enthusiasts, collaborating with SocialZesh or Cubed Fusion is encouraged.

#3 Short Circuit Media

Short Circuit Media Education Brands
Image source – shortcircuitmedia.com

If you are a virtual speaker or consultant or business partner, then learn marketing strategies with only a 3-hour video in Short Circuit Media. 

Actually, you can find various courses, free online workshops, and on-demand videos related to marketing on their website. Their programs are also useful to virtual assistants and remote workers as they have an opportunity to earn a certification. 


As an influencer, if you want to promote marketing programs, then you should collaborate with Short Circuit Media. 

#4 I Love to Teach 101

I Love to Teach 101 Education Brands
Image source – ilovetoteach101.com

Creating brilliance, solving problems, and helping people are the daily tasks of a teacher. Crafting intelligent teaching resources is also one of the skills that teachers have

Well, if you love teaching and have the talent to be organized, plan an effective schedule, and know some hacks that might be helpful in handling the students, then you should join I Love to Teach 101. They give you the opportunity to sell your teaching resources and earn.


Are you an influencer who has a reach within the teaching community? If yes, you should collaborate with I Love to Teach 101.

#5 E Teacher App

E Teacher App Education Brands
Image source – eteacherapp.com

Parenting, schooling, and handling your daily chores can be stressful. What you need are fewer complications and more support. You can get this with tools such as E Teacher app.

Through this app, you can browse tutors based on your location, grade, and class specialty. Once you find a tutor, just book a slot and they will get back to you for confirmation. So, all the schooling problems can be solved with the E Teacher app.


When your audience are parents and teachers or tutors, collaborating with E Teacher app would be an ideal choice.

#6 Udemy 

Udemy Education Brands
Image source – udemy.com

Education has become more accessible thanks to online platforms like Udemy. You can get online courses for almost anything. For example, there are design, marketing, personal development, arts, and music courses. In fact, Udemy has over 200,000 video courses.

The best part is you can learn at your own pace, without any pressure, and as a bonus, you get lifetime access to all your courses.


Whether you are one of the educational influencers or any other influencer, for that matter, you can promote the Udemy courses by collaborating with them.

#7 LTL Mandarin School 

LTL Mandarin School Education Brands
Image source – ltl-school.com

Don’t think that LTL Mandarin School just offers Mandarin language courses, they also have other language programs such as Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.

But learning a new language is always hard. However, with LTL Mandarin School it becomes a bit easier because their language lessons are not limited to the classroom. They allow you to immerse yourself in other cultures by visiting the country. For example, you may learn Chinese in China, and Korean in Korea.

Their services are not limited to any country. They welcome people regardless of their ages and nationalities.


The influencers who can collaborate with LTL Mandarin School are the ones who have a global audience. Also, it would be a great opportunity for your audience to have a better cultural language learning experience.

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#8 Skillshare 

Image source – skillshare.com

All the creatives are hanging out and becoming geniuses at Skillshare.  Whether it is animation, illustration, photography, film, writing, business, or any other craft, Skillshare has the courses for you.

They have 34,000 classes and 11,000 teachers. You can learn all the cool skills from industry experts and have the chance to connect with the global community. 


If you are a creative influencer and love to inspire your followers to develop creative skills, then collaborate with Skillshare.

#9 WeAreTeachers 

Image source – weareteachers.com

Certainly, teachers have a great impact on a student’s life

In fact, the CSR Wire reveals that as per an ING Foundation survey, 88% said that teachers have a significant positive impact on their lives. While 98% believed that teachers have the capacity to change the course of a student’s life.

So, to celebrate the educators, WeAreTeachers offers classroom ideas, advice, and inspiration along with free printables, awesome deals, and giveaways


Are you a social media influencer, YouTuber, or blogger? And, want to help the teaching community by spreading the word about this platform? Then, collaborate with WeAreTeachers.

#10 Ilini

Image source – ilini.com

In case you are learning French, then you should check out Ilini. Because it provides a better way to learn a language than a simple teaching video. It lets you live their culture by watching the news and entertainment videos with interactive subtitles.

Furthermore, you can play games to learn vocabulary and take the quiz to test your knowledge and understanding.

Note that they also offer Spanish and English (UK) cultural videos as well.


Any education influencers, bloggers, or YouTubers can collaborate with the brand, Ilini. It will help your audience to learn real-life French, Spanish, or English with ease.

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Wrapping Up!

If you are an educational influencer, education brands are the perfect ones to collaborate with. Because your followers will most probably be similar to the educational brands’ target audience.

Even if you are not an education influencer, you can promote an education brand such as Udemy or Skillshare where the target audiences’ profession, age, nationality, etc. doesn’t matter.

If you want to connect with fellow influencers and see how they collaborate with brands, use Helplama Helpdesk. Even though it is helpdesk software that offers all the necessary tools for customer support services, they also provide an influencer identification feature. It introduces you to available influencers on their network with whom you can connect easily. 

So, without further ado, start your 15-day trial here!

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