Top Fitness Brands Looking for Influencers in 2023 [Biggest List]

Fitness Brands Looking for Influencers

Are you into fitness and sportswear? And looking for fitness brands looking for ambassadors/influencers? If not, you should because there are a lot of brands that are looking for fitness brand ambassadors.

No matter if you’re a small influencer, you can get fitness clothing sponsorships. In fact, 77% of brand marketers consider micro-influencers ideal for their influencer campaigns because they drive maximum engagement.

So without any further ado, have a look at the best fitness brands looking for influencers.


Asics brand influencer collaboration

Asics is a popular fitness apparel brand that attracts many Instagram influencer collaborations by offering free products to influencers.

If you want to become a sportswear brand ambassador, Asics is a great brand to collaborate with. 

Lululemon Athletica

Lululemon is a Canadian company known for its athletic apparel sold in multiple nations. It makes technical sportswear for yoga, workout, running, and other physical activities.

The company offers two types of collaborations – Global Ambassadors and store ambassadors. You should connect with this brand if you want to travel and explore various communities in the fitness niche.


Adidas is a top brand that comes to mind when it comes to sportswear and fitness equipment. The brand believes in influencer marketing and collaborate with influencers to market its products.

To increase your chances of collaboration with Addidas, make sure that you have an engaging and strong social media presence.


Nike Instagram fitness brands looking for influencers

If you’re into fitness, you might be already using Nike products. Nike is another leading sportswear and fitness company with the largest following on Instagram regarding fitness brand profiles.

You have a great chance to collaborate with Nike if you’re an athlete.

Yoga Tech

This brand can give you a good start as a brand influencer if you are a Yoga influencer. To grow their brand presence and sales, they are hiring small and micro-influencers with a small but engaging following.

Unlike many brands, Yoga Teck offers flexible influencer payment models:

  • 10% commission on sales generated from you
  • An affiliate discount code for you and your followers
  • Other custom pay models as per influencers


MyFitnesspal fitness brands looking for influencers 

MyFitnessPal is a fitness-tracking app that can help you track your fitness and nutrition goals. They have a decent following on Instagram and have a dedicated blog too.

There are two ways to collaborate with MyFitnessPal:

  • Use the app and share your success story about how the app helped you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals to get featured in their blog and social media profiles.
  • If you’re an influencer with a decent and engaging following you can approach them directly to become their fitness brand ambassador.


Myprotein fitness brands brand ambassador

Myprotein is a UK-based health and supplement brand that produces a variety of products from apparel to nutrition and supplements. The brand is growing at a rapid pace and actively hires and collaborates with influencers to increase brand reach and achieve other brand goals.

You have a high chance to become Myprotein’s brand ambassador if you’re a workout professional or an athlete.


As the name suggests, Gymshark is a British fitness apparel company that produces products related to gym workouts. 

The brand has a wide social media presence on many social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and others. They actively collaborate with workout and fitness influencers if you are one. If you have a good presence and engagement on Instagram, Gymshark is a great Instagram workout brand to collaborate with.


Fabeletics is a multinational brand that sells sportswear, footwear, and fitness-related accessories, known as activewear. They often run influencer giveaways and contests that you can enter by just doing simple activities.

Fablatics fitness brands Influencer Giveaway Contest

A giveaway is already going on that you can enter to win a trip to Los Angles with a friend to work out with Kevin Hart, and @justtrain, a $2K #fabletics shopping spree, a @hydrow rower, and a 12-month #hydrow membership.

They also look for long-term associations with dedicated fitness influencers and make them their brand ambassadors to represent the brand.


Athleta is a women’s fitness clothing brand that creates a variety of activewear for women including – Yoga clothing, swimming suits, running sportswear, and other technical activewear.

They actively hire and collaborate with fitness influencers to market their products and promote their newly launched apparel. 

Furthermore, they also have a referral program that you can enter to promote Athleta’s products and earn a commission on products generated by your referrals.

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Outdoor Voices

A US-based company focused on the design and sale of fitness and athletic clothing. They produce technical fitness apparel for both men and women.

Outdoor fitness brands Voices influencer featured post

No matter if you are a micro-influencer with a small following, you have a chance to have a fitness clothing sponsorship from Outdoor Voices. They also have a referral program on the go where you can refer your followers to get discounts on your next OV purchase.

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga Instagram Influencer Marketing

By name, Alo Yoga seems like a Yoga clothing brand but it is more than a Yoga or fitness apparel.

Alo is a multinational apparel company that creates a variety of men’s and women’s clothing including lifestyle, fitness, street style, and other accessories. 

To collaborate with Alo Yoga, you can:

  1. Take part in their weekly IG challenge by posting a picture using their brand hashtag #aloyoga.
  2. Sign up for any of their ongoing community events. 
  3. Contact the brand for long-term brand association.


Bandier is a women’s activewear brand that often sponsors micro-influencers on Instagram.

Bandier influencer partnership 

With this brand collaboration, you can not only get free products from Bandier, but you also get a chance of being featured and tagged in the brand’s post.

To attract brand collaboration with Bandier, you just need to show interest in the brand products and clothing by using them and tagging the brand profile in your posts. If you do not get a response, you can contact the brand.

Bottom Line

No matter if you have a small social media presence, you can get a fitness clothing sponsorship or become a fitness brand ambassador if you are an athlete or passionate about fitness and nutrition.

All of the fitness brands listed in this post are best to partner with as fitness influencers. They can help you grow your career as an influencer and earn a living as well.

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