15 Exciting Food Brands Looking for Influencers in 2024

Exciting Food Brands Looking for Influencers

Do you know, 80% of consumers have purchased something through an influencer recommendation?  That’s why many companies are targeting and onboarding influencers in their teams. 

If you are an influencer looking for food brands acquiring influencers then you are at the right place. Here we have curated 15 food brands looking for influencers in 2024. 

Let’s dive in and have a look  at the contents in this article:


peppermate hiring food influencers

Peppermate is a kitchen tool creation company since 1982. They make kitchen equipment like knives, egg flippers, pepper grinders, and more. 

Peppermate is running a program currently where they are inviting all the influencers from the food and beverage industry to come and try their peppermate grinder. Once you have gained an in-hand experience with the grinder they want you to publish a video of the same on your social media account. 

You must use the grinder in the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal, or you can even just post the pictures. 


  •  20% commission on sales 
  • Free Peppermate grinder.


food influencer for tastily

Tastily is a pre-cooked food-making company that allows customers a break from the kitchen. You need only spend 3 minutes in the kitchen which includes heating the food in the oven. 

Tastily is looking for a collab with an influencer chef that has delicious recipes or can review and post videos of their food. 


  •  They have not listed their reward publicly. You can contact them by clicking on the button below and get all your doubts cleared.



Frazy is a ready-to-drink coffee company that provides various kinds of coffee such as java chip coffee, americano coffee, vanilla latte, and many more. 

They too are looking for a food industry influencer that can create and post an engaging video on their socials. 


  •  Pay-per-post sponsorship
  •  15% commission on sales. 

You can reach out to them through their email which is social@getfrazy.com

Lina Premium Coffee


Lina delivers 100% Arabic Colombian coffee to your home. They have various kinds of coffee beans like caturra honey, espresso, Sudan rume, and many more. 

They are looking for an influencer that can leverage their services through blogs, websites, social media channels, email lists, and more. 


  •  5% commission on sales.

Joyouce USA


Joyous USA is a kitchen appliance manufacturing company that provides appliances like thermometers, air fryers, wireless meat thermometers, and more. 

They are looking for health, lifestyle, and food influencers that provide services like social media posting, blogging, and content site articles. 


  •  20% commission on referrals

Janlitlfeather Gourmet


Janlitlfeather is a 16-year-old company that manufactures candy and popcorn-infused treats. Some of the flavors offered by them are Maryland crabs, crazy coconut, wicked watermelon, and many more. 

They are looking for influencers from the food and beverage industry to try their products and review them on their socials. 


  • You need to contact them to get the exact reward amount information. 

Tiny Little Chef


Tiny Little Chef provides a variety of seasonings with unique recipes that can help you get delicious meals. Some of the seasonings provided by them are 3 amigos spicy seasoning, Asian ginger seasoning, and many more. 

They are specifically looking for influencers that have 5000+ followers in the USA. 


  • 15% Commission on sales
  • Free 4-pack of seasoning

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A Chef’s Tour


A Chef’s Tour hires influencers, local foodies, and local cooks,  across Latin America and Asia and conducts food tours to taste and create videos on it. It’s perfect for solo, couple, and family influencers.


  • 10% commission on every new booking. 
  • Free food tours.
  • Be a part of the community.
  • Paid photography and article assignments. 

Meatsmith Bar


Meatsmith Bar produces 100% sirloin beef protein bars that are gluten-free, nut-free, and grass-fed. When you partner with them they will provide you with sustainable farming practices. They are perfect for those influencers that are in love with non-veg food. 


  • You need to register with them to get info on all the rewards.

Tuk In

Do you love Indian cuisine? If yes, then it’s the perfect brand for you to partner with. They provide you with Indian food like chicken curry, chicken jalfrezi curry, saag aloo, and many more. 

Tuk In is looking for campus ambassadors who can create a campaign on their campus and make students aware of the company. 


  • They have not declared the reward publicly, you need to contact them to get the desired information.



Cookly provides cooking classes from videos around the globe. They aim to unite different food cultures together and grow their food lovers community. Some of the cooking classes provided by Cookly are Roman countryside wine classes, traditional izakaya cooking class, flavors of Oaxaca, and many more. 

All you need to do is make a review video of their classes and post them on your socials. 


  • 10% commission on sales. 

We Olive

As the name suggests, We Olive deals in olive products like olive oil, olive wine, olive dips, and more. They are looking for food, health, and fitness influencers that can showcase the products on their socials. 


  • Pay-per-post sponsorship
  • 20% commission on sales

Tolerant Organic


Tolerant Organic is a legume pasta manufacturing company that has plant-based protein. The pasta is rich in fiber and low in fat, perfect for gym rats. Some different kinds of pasta in their store are chickpea spaghetti, green lentil penne, red lentil rotini, and many more. 

They are specifically looking for dieticians and nutritionist influencers that can make their audience aware of their program. 


  • They have not declared the reward publicly, you need to contact them to get the desired information. 

Foods Alive

Foods Alive’s motive is to manufacture healthy and delicious food products like salad dressings, cold-pressed oils, and more. They are looking for Instagram influencers who have a large fanbase. You need to follow these steps to earn rewards from the:

  • Feature a package opening video on your Instagram story. 
  • Highlight your favorite product in the story. 
  • Use the Instagram reel feature and create a recipe with the help of Foods Alive’s products.
  • Share a health tip on Instagram through a post, reel, or story. 


  • $50 voucher per month (3 posts per month)
  • Chance to be on their website.

Killashop’s Gourmet Coffee

Killashop provides freshly brewed coffee that will help you have a fresh start to your day. They provide a variety of coffees like espresso beans, African espresso, french roast, and many more. 


  • 10% commission on the sale.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain some fresh knowledge of all food brands looking for influencers. They all provide different rewards in exchange for promotion, we have listed almost all the rewards which will help you decide the brand you want to collab with. 

However, if you are looking for more companies that hire influencers then you should try Happinecc.  Here companies launch campaigns that you can check and apply. 

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