The Best Virtual Assistant Companies In The USA

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, virtual assistant companies have emerged as invaluable partners for organizations seeking streamlined efficiency and enhanced productivity.

These adept professionals provide a diverse range of services, transforming the way tasks are managed and operations are conducted. 

In this article, we delve into the realm of virtual assistant companies in the USA, exploring the finest players in the field that are redefining the concept of business support. 

From optimizing workflows to minimizing overheads, these companies are at the forefront of driving innovation and reshaping the future of your work.

Best Virtual Assistant Companies In The USA

1. Helplama

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Rating: ⭐ 5

If you’re looking for a seamless way to boost your productivity, Helplama might just be the virtual assistant company you’ve been searching for.

With an intuitive interface and a team of skilled virtual assistants, Helplama grants you the ability to delegate tasks, allowing you to concentrate on tasks of paramount importance.

Their unwavering dedication to expertise and exceptional performance add an element of sophistication to your customer support interactions.

Key Features

    • Tailored Expert Assistance: Helplama boasts adept human agents who are ready to tackle customer inquiries with an authentic approach, delivering customized support that radiates genuine concern. 
    • Continuous Aid: Helplama’s constant 24/7 availability ensures customers receive consistent support whenever they require it. 
    • Smooth Communication: Embracing a versatile multichannel strategy, Helplama enables customers to connect through their preferred communication platforms.
    • Limitless Expansion: Helplama’s scalability guarantees that regardless of your customer base’s growth, its services seamlessly adapt, sparing you the complexities of rapid expansion. 
    • Technological Advancement: Armed with cutting-edge tools, Helplama streamlines operations, smoothly integrates into your systems, and harnesses AI to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

2. Belay

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Rating: ⭐ N/A

Take a look at BELAY, a big virtual assistant hub in Atlanta. They have a team of 1,200 experts all over the 48 states.

With 5+ years of experience, their VAs excel in travel, marketing, calendars, research, and more. Belay’s personal matching ensures a VA tailored to you, offering consistent support. 

Plus, you enjoy a dedicated VA and a helpful relationship manager for a complete virtual assistant solution.

Key Features

    • Expert VAs with Experience: BELAY offers VAs with over 5 years of expertise in diverse tasks, from travel arrangements to social media management.
    • Personalized Matchmaking: Their unique approach matches you with a dedicated VA, ensuring a tailored fit for your specific needs.
    • Consistent Support: Experience seamless workflow with the same dedicated VA, resulting in enhanced familiarity and efficiency.
    • Guidance Beyond Assistance: Alongside your VA, a dedicated relationship manager is there to help with any external requirements, making your experience comprehensive and hassle-free.

3. Boldly

virtual assistant companies

Rating: ⭐ N/A

Think about finding a game-changing staffing solution—meet Boldly. Unlike the usual virtual assistant agencies, Boldly brings you, experienced executive assistants, through a flexible monthly subscription.

Boldly stands apart with its meticulously tailored approach. Once you share your requirements, you’ll engage in a productive chat with your dedicated account manager.

You’ll have the chance to review candidate profiles and even meet the staff before committing—all designed to guarantee an ideal fit for your unique demands.

Key Features

    • Exceptional Talent Pool: Boldly stands out with a team of exceptionally skilled executive assistants, each with a wealth of experience from Fortune 500 companies.
    • Flexible Monthly Subscription: Say goodbye to hiring headaches. Boldly offers premium executive assistants on a flexible monthly basis, allowing you to access top-tier support without the commitment of traditional hiring.
    • Curated Personalization: Experience a tailored approach. Boldly’s process involves a productive meeting with your dedicated account manager, ensuring the perfect match between your business and its staff.
    • Meet Before Committing: Unlike traditional hiring, Boldly lets you meet the staff before deciding. This unique feature ensures a seamless fit and starts you up for success.

4. Prialto

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Rating: ⭐ 4.5

Prialto, with its headquarters in Portland, OR, serves as a strategic partner that transcends geographical limitations to provide a unique approach.

While their English-speaking staff operates from Asia and Central America, the remarkable aspect is their alignment with your business hours and their practice of hiring their workforce as employees.

Prialto transforms your administrative landscape by offering not just one, but a dedicated team of virtual assistants.

Key Features

    • Global Team, Local Time: Prialto combines US headquarters with English-speaking staff across Asia and Central America for aligned support.
    • Comprehensive Team Assistance: Enjoy a dedicated project manager, primary assistant, and backup assistant to handle tasks from marketing to operations.
    • Employee-Based Reliability: Prialto stands out by hiring staff as employees, ensuring consistent and dependable support.
    • Full-Spectrum Support: From sales to admin tasks, Prialto’s versatile virtual assistants cover a wide range of business needs.

5. Fancy Hands

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Rating: ⭐ N/A

Fancy Hands offers a virtual assistant service that enables users to enlist individuals for minor, single-instance assignments such as booking restaurant reservations, conducting online research, and rapid event planning.

From scheduling to personal shopping, research, making calls, and providing customer service, Fancy Hands covers a broad range of tasks, ensuring you have the support you need to focus on what truly matters.

Key Features

    • Task Efficiency: Fancy Hands excels at swiftly tackling to-do lists and lingering tasks, making them an ideal choice for startups seeking efficient solutions.
    • Generalist Expertise: Their versatility as generalists offers you an easy introduction to the world of personal virtual assistant services, catering to a variety of needs.
    • U.S.-Based Assistance: Fancy Hands’ team of virtual assistants operates from the U.S., providing you with reliable support for tasks like scheduling, personal shopping, research, calls, and customer service.
    • Task Diversity: From the mundane to the complex, Fancy Hands covers an array of tasks, allowing you to offload responsibilities and concentrate on your core startup activities.

6. Time Etc

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Rating: ⭐ 4.6

For entrepreneurs in need of support, the remedy rests with Time Etc—an American virtual assistant company.

Time Etc extends beyond conventional outsourcing, catering to your diverse business demands.

From general tasks to research, social media and content marketing, sales, and marketing administration, they enable you to delegate effectively, freeing you to concentrate on your core responsibilities.

Key Features

    • Tailored Virtual Support: Foster trust and familiarity with your dedicated virtual assistant, ensuring tasks align precisely with your preferences. 
    • Swift Task Completion: When urgency strikes, rely on rapid turnarounds to address pressing requirements promptly.
    • Transparent Time Tracking: Stay informed about task durations through real-time tracking, receiving updates as your assistant finishes the tasks. 
    • Plan Flexibility: Adjust plans effortlessly on the fly; Time Etc’s adaptable options empower you to modify as needed, with no advance notice required.

7. Zirtual

Rating: ⭐ 4.1

Zirtual, rooted in the United States, is a virtual assistant company that exclusively recruits college-educated virtual assistants residing within the country.

Moreover, the virtual assistants exhibit proficiency in administrative tasks and a broad array of responsibilities, spanning research, content marketing, event coordination, travel planning, website management, and more.

Key Features

    • American Expertise: Zirtual’s strength lies in its team of college-educated professionals, all exclusively sourced from the USA, dedicated to fulfilling your requirements. 
    • Tailored Assistance: Whether you seek ongoing support or assistance with specific tasks, Zirtual’s adaptable approach ensures a tailored fit for your distinct needs. Versatile 
    • Task Mastery: Zirtual’s virtual assistants showcase a wide skill range, encompassing administrative support, research, content marketing, event organization, travel coordination, website upkeep, and beyond. 
    • Personalized Pairing: Zirtual takes care to match you with a virtual assistant ideally aligned with your preferences and business requisites, elevating the caliber of your collaborative efforts.


In a world where being efficient and getting things done matter most, the importance of virtual assistant companies is really significant.

These companies provide not just support, but a partnership that empowers you to focus on what truly matters.

So, as you navigate the bustling landscape of modern business, remember that the best virtual assistant companies are here to help you thrive, adapt, and conquer with unmatched support, professionalism, and dedication.

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