11 Companies To Hire A Virtual Assistant In Real Estate

hire a virtual assistant real estate

Hire a virtual assistant in real estate,” they say, “and watch your productivity soar.”

Are you overwhelmed with the never-ending tasks of managing your real estate business?

In a recent survey, it was revealed that embracing the services of a virtual assistant can significantly trim your business expenses by 78%, while simultaneously boosting your productivity.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 11 outstanding companies where you can hire a virtual assistant in real estate, taking your property game to the next level. Say goodbye to the daily grind and hello to newfound efficiency!

1. Helplama


Rating: ⭐5

Helplama is a virtual assistant service company that’s here to make your life easier. They offer features designed specifically to simplify your hiring process and provide you with efficient support.

Whether you’re in real estate, e-commerce, or involved in Software as a Service (SaaS), Helplama understands your business needs and delivers unparalleled results.

Key Features

    • Diverse and Skilled Team: Helplama offers a vast pool of highly skilled virtual assistants, ensuring a perfect match for your unique business needs.
    • 24/7 Support: Enjoy higher customer satisfaction levels through Helplama’s uninterrupted around-the-clock customer assistance.
    • Empowered Virtual Assistants: They equip your virtual assistants with the tools and guidance they need to consistently deliver exceptional service, helping them cultivate their skills.

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2. Wishup

hire a virtual assistant real estate

Rating: ⭐4.9

Wishup is your trusted virtual assistant service. They provide skilled virtual assistants to help with tasks and save you time. With Wishup, you have a reliable partner for streamlining your work and achieving your goals.

Key Features

    • Flexible Pricing Plans: Personalized pricing plans ensure you get the best value for your money.
    • Swift Onboarding: Experience a quick and hassle-free 24-hour onboarding process to start benefiting from their virtual assistant services right away.
    • Instant Replacement: If you’re not satisfied with your virtual assistant’s services, Wishup provides an instant replacement.

3. Transactly

transactly - hire a virtual assistant real estate

Rating: ⭐4.1

Transactly specializes in offering real estate agents expert services, which encompass marketing, sales, general administration, and dedicated client support.

Key Features

    • Comprehensive Real Estate Support: Transactly supplies trained and vetted professionals who seamlessly integrate into your daily operations, effectively managing your listings and transactions.
    • Cost-Free Software: Access and utilize their software for free, making your operations more cost-efficient.

4. Zirtual

hire a virtual assistant real estate

Rating: ⭐3.4

Zirtual stands out as one of the top real estate virtual assistant providers for their flexible pricing. And, with Zirtual, you can select a virtual assistant to handle tasks ranging from social media management to website maintenance, appointment scheduling, and much more.

Key Features

    • Tailored for Part-Time Support: Zirtual is ideal for brokers or businesses in search of part-time virtual assistants, providing flexibility in staffing.
    • Versatile Task Selection: You can choose from a wide range of tasks, including small tasks, project work, and operational tasks, ensuring Zirtual meets your specific business needs.

5. Virtudesk

virtudesk - hire a virtual assistant real estate

Rating: ⭐NA

Virtudesk, a leading U.S.-based virtual assistant service provider, specializes in connecting busy entrepreneurs and businesses with full-time and part-time employees. You can easily hire a virtual assistant for tasks such as data entry, prospecting, and transaction maintenance, all at affordable hourly rates.

Key Features

    • Budget-Friendly: Offers cost-effective virtual assistant solutions, helping you maximize your resources efficiently.
    • Highly Scalable: Scale your virtual assistant support up or down as your real estate business needs change, hassle-free.
    • Varied VA Options: Choose part-time, full-time, or project-based virtual assistants that meet your unique requirements.

6. Summit VA Solutions

hire a virtual assistant real estate

Rating: ⭐4.1

Summit VA Solutions stands as an excellent choice for those in search of full-time virtual assistants for real estate. They offer virtual assistants proficient in various real estate tasks, including property management, marketing, scheduling, and more.

Key Features

    • Experienced Philippines-Based VAs: You‘ll find highly experienced virtual assistants based in the Philippines here supporting your real estate tasks.
    • Comprehensive Training: Their virtual assistants undergo 160 hours of live training, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in real estate tasks.
    • Customized Training Programs: User-friendly platform to develop training programs tailored to your specific real estate needs.

7. MyOutDesk

mod - hire a virtual assistant real estate

Rating: ⭐5

MyOutDesk can be your premier choice for virtual assistant services in the real estate industry. They offer college-educated, experienced virtual assistants that won’t strain your budget. Save up to 70% of the cost of a full-time employee, with MyOutDesk.

Key Features

    • Diverse Real Estate Support: Covering calls, documentation, signatures, and more.
    • Tailored Business Assessment: At MyOutDesk they first Identify your unique requirements and align the virtual assistant services accordingly.
    • Comprehensive Task Coverage: Handling admin, marketing, transactions, and more.

8. Boldly

boldly - hire a virtual assistant real estate

Rating: ⭐4.5

Your go-to choice for seamlessly hiring premium remote assistants to support your real estate business. Trusted by renowned companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Morgan Stanley, Boldly offers a wide array of assistants with 10 to 15 years of experience, ensuring that you receive top-tier services at affordable prices.

Key Features

    • Customized Talent Matching: VAs matched precisely to your skill requirements and company culture.
    • W2 Staff Benefits, No Hassle: Gain skilled staff without recruitment hassle.
    • Flexible Hourly Engagement: Use dedicated staff, no contracts, just the hours you need.

9. Time etc

time - hire a virtual assistant real estate

Rating: ⭐4.6

Time etc, a trusted name in virtual assistant services since 2007, provides a range of support options for your real estate business. You can easily hire their virtual assistants part-time or full-time, offering assistance in real estate admin, research, marketing, and more.

Key Features

    • Skilled U.S.-based VAs: Experienced virtual assistants from the U.S., delivering native support for your real estate tasks.
    • Cost-Effective Platform: You’ll find their platform easy to use and cost-effective, saving you up to 90% compared to hiring a full-time assistant.
    • Quality and Attitude: They provide VAs with the right experience, a positive attitude, and the strong skills required to render the best support to your clients.

10. TaskBullet

hire a virtual assistant real estate

Rating: ⭐2.9

TaskBullet, the top provider of virtual assistant services, allows you to bid farewell to time-consuming daily tasks by delegating them virtually. Their service is flexible, with no hidden fees, and you have the freedom to cancel anytime.

Key Features

    • Efficient Bucket System: Employs a highly effective bucket system to manage real estate tasks, from calendar management to listing maintenance and meeting scheduling.
    • Skilled and Motivated VAs: You’ll work with highly trained and motivated VAs who possess excellent soft skills and extensive experience in virtual task execution.
    • Fast Response Times: Ensures swift response times, helping you tackle your business needs promptly and efficiently.

11. Ossisto

ossisto - hire a virtual assistant real estate

Rating: ⭐4.1

Ossisto, a highly renowned virtual assistant service, specializes in providing virtual assistants for small businesses. With Ossisto, you’ll appreciate flexible pricing and the added benefit of a backup virtual assistant at no extra cost.

Key Features

    • Budget-Friendly Plans: Affordable, tailored options for your business needs that also help you save costs.
    • Versatile Task Handling: Assistants skilled in property listings, inquiries, and client communication.
    • Cutting-Edge Marketing: Utilizing the latest techniques to engage potential customers.

Final Words – Hire a Virtual Assistant Real Estate

As you know in this fast-paced world of real estate, time is money, hiring a virtual assistant can be a game-changer.

In a 2021 study by Global Workspace Analytics, American Express found a remarkable 43% increase in productivity among remote employees compared to those in the office. It’s a statistic worth considering.

And, when it comes to finding the perfect virtual assistant provider, Helplama stands out as the best choice. Their exceptional services, tailored to your needs, can take your real estate business to new heights.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your productivity and profits – make Helplama your go-to virtual assistant solution today!