9 Best Integrated Order Management System For Your Business!

integrated order management system

Last Updated: February 2024

Unlock the power of efficiency with the 9 best integrated order management systems, your secret weapon for streamlined business operations. Imagine a world where every order flows seamlessly through your system, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.

Did you know that businesses adopting integrated order management systems witness a 20% reduction in order processing time?

Get ready to revolutionize your approach as we unveil the ultimate solutions tailored to elevate your business logistics. Let’s embark on a journey towards operational excellence!

Benefits of Using an Integrated Order Management System

1. Maximize the Efficiency of Your Stock Management

Unleash the power of an integrated order management system (IOMS) for optimized inventory control. Experience real-time tracking, minimizing stockouts, and maximizing order accuracy. Streamline your operations effortlessly, ensuring a seamless inventory flow that keeps your business ahead.

2. Control Your Inventory Expenses

Master your budget with an IOMS. Reduce excess inventory, prevent overstocking, and cut carrying costs effectively. Streamline your expenses and boost your bottom line effortlessly.

3. Handle Your Sales Channels Centrally from a Single Platform

Seamlessly oversee all your sales channels from one central platform using this system. Simplify your operations, coordinate inventory effortlessly, and enhance order accuracy. Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms – it’s all in one place, making your multi-channel sales management a breeze.

4. Get a Full Business View from Every Angle

Gives you a panoramic view of your business where you can easily track orders, manage inventory, and analyze performance comprehensively. Gain insights from every corner of your operations, empowering informed decisions and strategic growth.

5. Go Paperless Operations

Eliminate paperwork hassles and digitize order processing, documentation, and invoicing processes. Contribute to a greener, more organized workflow, all without the piles of paperwork.

6. Live Order Updates

Stay in the loop with real-time order updates at every stage, from processing to delivery, ensuring instant visibility into your order status. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business operations, enabling prompt decisions and enhanced customer service.

7. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Ensure timely deliveries, accurate orders, and seamless communication, boosting customer satisfaction levels. Deliver an exceptional experience, turning customers into loyal advocates for your business.

8. Minimize Mistakes

Cut down on errors effortlessly, automate tasks, and ensure accuracy in order processing, reducing mistakes significantly.

9. Sync Sales Seamlessly

The IOMS synchronizes your sales channels and keeps your inventory aligned, orders coordinated, and sales channels in perfect harmony promoting smoother operations that simplify your workflow.

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The 9 Best Integrated Order Management System Tools

  1. Saufter.io
  2. Maropost
  3. Brightpearl
  4. Veeqo
  5. Adobe Commerce
  6. Salesorder
  7. Orderhive
  8. Linnworks

1. Saufter.io

integrated order management system

Rating: ⭐5

Saufter.io is your go-to solution for e-commerce success. It turbocharges your business by smoothing order processing, handling returns, and offering top-notch customer support. It’s the must-have tool to boost efficiency and keep your customers happy in e-commerce.

Key Features

    • Order Management: Efficiently track and manage customer orders.
    • Returns and Exchanges: Handle returns and exchanges in auto-mode, boosting customer satisfaction.
    • Multi-channel Support: Interact across various platforms—email, chat, social media—for enhanced customer engagement.
    • Monitoring for Delayed Delivery: Real-time monitoring to spot delayed deliveries, enabling swift corrective actions.
    • Automation: Streamline tasks like order confirmations and common customer requests through automation.
    • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with e-commerce platforms and payment gateways for smooth data flow.

2. Maropost

maropost - integrated order management system

Rating: ⭐4.2

Maropost gives you solutions for handling multiple marketplace stores effortlessly. Create and manage online stores seamlessly using one control panel.

Plus, easily oversee order management, inventory, and fulfillment across all your stores from one comprehensive platform.

Key Features

    • Centralized Store Management: Manage multiple eCommerce stores from one place, effortlessly.
    • Custom Online Store Creation: Build personalized online stores tailored to your brand.
    • Integrated B2B Features: Enjoy integrated business-to-business (B2B) functionalities for smoother operations.

3. Brightpearl

integrated order management system

Rating: ⭐4.4

Use Brightpearl to manage both online and offline orders flawlessly. It’s designed to streamline your order processes by automating ordering, fulfillment, shipping, and invoicing workflows.

Key Features

    • Automation Feature: Focus on exceptional orders as Brightpearl handles repetitive tasks automatically.
    • Versatile Fulfillment Options: Choose from partial fulfillment, drop shipping, multi-location, or Amazon fulfillment.
    • Enhanced Operational Competence: Boost efficiency with inventory and warehouse management, accounting, POS, CRM, and more.

4. Veeqo

veeqo - integrated order management system

Rating: ⭐4.4

Veeqo ensures you never oversell or miss orders, keeping your operations secure. Sync orders seamlessly across all your US sales channels, simplifying shipping label printing and worldwide customer shipments. Stay on top of your business, effortlessly, with Veeqo.

Key Features

    • Direct Integrations: Access 21+ integrations for streamlined order management.
    • Centralized Order Location: Quickly locate all your orders in a single, easy-to-use platform.
    • Time-Saving Order Workflows: Create tailored workflows based on triggers like delivery options, value, and weight for precise order management.

5. Adobe Commerce

ac - integrated order management system

Rating: ⭐4.1

With Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento), sell and fulfill orders seamlessly from anywhere, ensuring smooth cross-channel experiences. Its renowned flexibility easily adapts to changes in your operation’s types and size.

Key Features

    • Effortless Fulfillment Management: Handle complex procedures like refunds, cancellations, and backorders easily.
    • BOPIS Convenience: Offer Buy Online And Pick up In-Store (BOPIS) for added customer flexibility.
    • Unified Multi-Channel Platform: Simplify operations by managing multiple channels, brands, and sites, including B2B and B2C hybrid commerce, all from a single backend system.

6. Salesorder

salesorder - integrated order management system

Rating: ⭐4.5

Salesorder serves as your comprehensive answer to streamline sales, enhance order efficiency, maintain precise inventory, and offer invaluable business insights. Partake quick learning within days and deployment in weeks, without any financial strain.

Key Features

    • Efficient Order Processing: Capture customer purchase orders swiftly, and expedite sales orders automatically or manually, regardless of the channel.
    • Customized Automation: Set up automation for order approval, stock allocation, and shipment creation. Bookmark problematic orders for stock allocation adjustments.
    • Credit Limit Control: Automatically halt orders breaching customer credit limits set in the customer masters, ensuring better control over order and shipment processes.

7. Orderhive


orderhive - integrated order management system

Rating: ⭐4.4

A free, user-friendly order management software that tackles those despised yet crucial fulfillment tasks in sales businesses. Paid versions with various pricing plans are available, allowing you to choose as needed.

Key Features

    • Unified Order Dashboard: Gather all your orders in one convenient dashboard for easy management.
    • Online and Offline Order Syncing: Effortlessly sync orders from both online and offline channels.
    • Rapid Order and Inventory Syncing: Experience the fastest syncing time for orders and inventory updates.

8. Linnworks

integrated order management system

Rating: ⭐4.4

Empower your entire e-commerce operation through a single, centralized platform with Linnworks. Manage inventory, warehouses, order fulfillment, and reporting seamlessly.

Key Features

    • Real-Time Inventory Visibility: Avoid overselling or stockouts with instant inventory updates.
    • Unified Sales Channel Communication: Communicate across all sales channels via a single dashboard.
    • Quick Access to Partner Network: Access a diverse partner network easily and swiftly, including Amazon and eBay.

The Power of an Integrated Order Management System

In the realm of digital markets thriving on efficiency, the integrated order management system emerges as your secret weapon.

As a matter of fact, according to a recent statistical report, 73% to 87% of companies are interested in investing in such systems to enhance their order processing, fulfillment, and overall customer satisfaction.

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