Shopify Quantity Discounts: Complete Guide [+3 Apps]

shopify quantity discounts

Last Updated: February 2024

Embark on an exploration of effective pricing strategies with the comprehensive guide to Shopify Quantity Discounts. Discover insights, benefits, and top apps to seamlessly implement and manage quantity-based discounts, elevating your Shopify store’s success. Whether you’re a seasoned merchant or a newcomer, this guide empowers you to optimize your pricing strategy and enhance your e-commerce journey.

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What is a Quantity Discount?

Quantity discounts refer to price reductions or special offers that are applied to products when customers purchase a certain quantity or volume. Businesses often use quantity discounts as an incentive to encourage customers to buy larger quantities of a particular item. These discounts can take various forms, such as a percentage off the total price, a fixed amount discount, or a special bundled offer. 

The goal is to reward customers for making bulk purchases, leading to increased sales volume and potentially fostering customer loyalty.

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Why Give Your Customers Quantity Discounts?

Offering quantity discounts to customers can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Encourages Bulk Purchases: Incentivizing customers to buy larger quantities, discounts contribute to increased order sizes.
  • Attracts Wholesale Buyers: Individuals or businesses looking to purchase in bulk find quantity discounts appealing, fostering beneficial relationships.
  • Boosts Sales Revenue: By encouraging you to purchase more, quantity discounts play a role in increasing your overall sales revenue.
  • Clears Out Excess Inventory: For businesses with surplus stock, offering quantity discounts is an effective strategy to quickly clear out excess inventory.
  • Gives Competitive Advantage: Quantity discounts provide you with a competitive edge, particularly in markets where bulk purchasing is prevalent.
  • Enhances Loyalty: Enjoying cost savings through quantity discounts enhances your loyalty, encouraging continued business with a preferred supplier.
  • Promotes  Product Bundling: Make it convenient for you to purchase product bundles at a reduced price.
  • Offers a Flexible Pricing Strategy: Businesses can adopt a pricing strategy that caters to your preferences for larger quantities, ensuring flexibility.
  • Ensures Satisfaction: Appreciating cost savings, and quantity discounts contribute to your overall satisfaction, fostering a positive customer experience.
  • Serves as a Strategic Marketing Tool: Serve as a strategic tool to capture your attention and drive sales during promotional periods or events.

In summary, offering quantity discounts is a versatile strategy that aligns with various business objectives, from increasing sales to managing inventory effectively.

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Quantity Discount Types and Examples

Quantity discounts primarily come in two types: quantity-based discounts and tiered discounts. Let’s explore each, accompanied by examples.

Quantity Discounts or Quantity Breaks

These discounts hinge on the quantity of items purchased by a customer. Consider offering a quantity discount when they buy more than 5 items from your store. Moreover, it often has tiers, meaning the more items purchased, the higher the discount. This is an effective strategy for encouraging bulk purchases, especially if you sell products in larger quantities.

Example: 10% off when your customers add 2 identical items to their carts. 25% off when they add 4 identical items to their cart.

Tiered Discounts

These discounts depend on the overall amount a customer spends on your store.

Example: Implement a tiered discount structure, offering a 15% discount for customers spending more than $75 and a 25% discount for those surpassing $300 in their purchase.

How to Configure Quantity Discounts in Shopify?

You can achieve this through the native discount feature or opt for third-party volume discount applications. Let’s explore both approaches.

1. Utilizing the Integrated Discounts Feature

For those aiming to provide quantity discounts through Shopify’s built-in feature, the process involves creating a dedicated discount code for customers meeting specific purchase criteria. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Access and Create  Discounts

Navigate to Discounts in your Shopify admin.

shopify quantity discounts

Click on the “Create discount” button.

Choose the discount type based on your preferences, such as “Amount off products” for product-specific discounts.


Step 2: Name your code

Enter a distinctive name for your discount code in the provided placeholder.

Indicate whether the discount will be in a fixed amount or a percentage.

shopify quantity discounts

Step 3: Specify the discount and add products or collections

Define the scope of the discount, whether it applies to all items in a collection or specific ones.

Add relevant products or collections for the discount.


Step 4: Set Minimum Requirements & Usage Limit

Set minimum purchase requirements, including amount and quantity.

Opt for a usage limit on the discount code.

Step 5: Active dates

Determine the active dates for the discount.

Step 6: Activation

Save your settings to activate the discount group.

shopify quantity discounts

1. Volume & Discounted Pricing

Rating:⭐ 4.9

Pricing: A free trial is available & paid plans start from $7.99/per month

Unlock limitless discounts for various products and collections with Volume & Discounted Pricing. Tailor your pricing presentation, utilize time-sensitive breaks, and provide tiered discounts for an optimal shopping experience. 

Key Features
    • Unlimited Discounts: Apply discounts seamlessly across multiple products and collections.
    • Customizable Pricing: Tailor the look of your custom pricing to match your product pages.
    • Time-Sensitive Breaks: Create urgency with time-sensitive quantity breaks and quantity discounts.
    • Incart Upsell Messaging: Inform buyers about additional discounts through incart upsell messaging.

2. Bundle Bear 

shopify quantity discounts

Rating: 4.9

Pricing: A free trial is available & paid plans start from $24.99/per month

Bundle Bear simplifies sales growth by enabling the seamless creation of product bundles, quantity discounts, and quantity breaks. Enhance your revenue with mix-and-match discounts, X+Y bundles, gifts, and more, effortlessly applied based on your tailored settings

Key Features
    • Product Bundles: Generates enticing product bundles effortlessly.
    • Quantity Discounts: Set up quantity discounts and quantity breaks with ease.
    • Flexible Settings: Apply discounts on specific products, collections, or your entire store.
    • Automatic Application: Discounts are automatically applied based on your configured settings.

3. VolumeBoost – Volume Discounts

Rating: 4.6

Pricing: A free trial is available & paid plans start from $10/per month

VolumeBoost – Volume Discounts app enables seamless implementation of bulk purchase discounts, ideal for wholesale pricing and customer loyalty rewards. Effortlessly manage and display custom messages on your cart page to enhance the shopping experience.

Key Features
    • Effortless Implementation: Easily add a discount coupon box to your cart page.
    • Customer Tag Management: Craft and store multiple customer tags for targeted promotions.
    • Quantity Management: Manage and limit the quantity of bulk discount offers seamlessly.
    • Custom Messaging: Display custom messages in the cart section to engage and inform customers. A complete E-commerce Solution is a comprehensive helpdesk solution designed exclusively for e-commerce businesses, streamlining customer service workflows and automating processes with unparalleled efficiency. From integrating support channels to advanced order scanning capabilities and proactive support, offers a range of features to enhance the customer service experience for online merchants.

shopify quantity discounts

Key Features

    • Unified Support Channels: Integrate and manage email, social, SMS, and voice conversations in a single inbox.
    • Order Processing: Manage, modify, and create Shopify orders directly within the customer support interface.
    • AI-Powered Automation: Leverage AI for creating replies, generating FAQ articles, building chatbots, and summarizing information.
    • Task Automation: Automate common tasks and patterns using data and rules to save time.
    • Customer Engagement: Utilize satisfaction surveys, status pages, and push notifications to keep customers engaged.
    • Cross-Channel Management: Seamlessly handles customer interactions across multiple Shopify stores.
    • Proactive Support: Implement proactive measures to address customer concerns before they arise.
    • 24/7 Support: Receive continuous support to ensure smooth operations and effective customer service.

Final words

In conclusion, Shopify Quantity Discounts are a game-changer for your e-commerce strategy. Utilize built-in features or third-party apps to shape pricing, attract customers, and optimize sales flexibly. Empower your business with creative approaches to transform pricing strategies and elevate the shopping experience. Embrace Shopify Quantity Discounts for enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth.

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