Social Customer Service Platform: Top 7 Tools

social customer service platform

Navigating the dynamic landscape of customer service in the digital age requires robust solutions, and a social customer service platform stands at the forefront. In this article, we explore the top 7 tools in the realm of the social customer service platform, each uniquely designed to enhance and streamline customer interactions.

As we delve into each of these platforms, let’s unravel the distinctive features and functionalities that set them apart in the realm of social customer service.

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What is Social Media Customer Service Software?

Social media customer service software is an AI-driven tool that monitors and analyzes customer activities on social platforms. It provides real-time digital customer service solutions and integrates customer insights from social media into your broader customer service strategy, facilitating efficient issue resolution.


This software offers sophisticated analytics to understand what customers are saying about your brand online. Analyzing social media data, provides valuable insights into customer demographics, pain points, and areas of satisfaction, enabling you to address their needs effectively.


Social media customer service software includes chatbots, and AI-based automated assistants that respond to frequently asked questions. Chatbots provide instant online support, demonstrating responsiveness to customer queries. 

For complex issues, chatbots can generate helpdesk tickets for escalation to live customer support agents during business hours.

Social Scheduling and Publishing

Many social media customer service tools include publishing features, allowing you to schedule social media messages for specific times. This feature is beneficial for planning and executing a comprehensive social media strategy and engaging with customers effectively.

Top 7 Social Customer Service Platforms


social customer service platform

Pricing: Customized pricing specializes in social media customer service, providing a dedicated solution crafted for efficient and automated management. With a focus on various social platforms, it streamlines customer interactions seamlessly.

Key Features

    • Integrated Support Channels: Seamlessly manage customer interactions across various social platforms.
    • Advanced Automation: Utilize cutting-edge technology for efficiently handling and resolving customer queries.
    • Proactive Support Strategies: Implement proactive customer support approaches, addressing issues before they escalate.
    • Tailored for Social Media: Specifically designed to cater to the unique dynamics of social media customer service.

2. eDesk

Rating: 4.1

Pricing: A 14-day free trial is available & paid plans start from $199/per month

eDesk is a social customer service platform crafted to enhance interactions across social media. Using advanced technology, it provides valuable insights, enabling real-time engagement and efficient issue resolution for businesses.

Key Features

    • Multichannel Integration: Seamlessly manage customer interactions across diverse social media channels.
    • Advanced Analytics: Gain valuable insights into customer activities, demographics, and satisfaction levels.
    • Chatbot Assistance: Instantly respond to FAQs using AI-driven chatbots for efficient online support.
    • Scheduling and Publishing: Plan and execute a cohesive social media strategy with scheduled message publishing.

3. Verint

social customer service platform

Rating: 4.4

Pricing: Contact Verint

Verint, an AI-driven social customer service platform, streamlines interactions across channels. With seamless integration, advanced analytics, AI chatbots, and scheduling features, it enhances social media strategy execution.

Key Features

    • Advanced Analytics: Gain insights into customer sentiments and preferences on social media.
    • Seamless Integration: Integrate with various social media channels for cohesive customer service.
    • Scheduling Features: Plan and execute a comprehensive social media strategy with scheduled messages.
    • Efficient Issue Resolution: Resolve customer issues in real-time, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

4. SproutSocial

Rating:⭐ 4.4

Pricing: A 30-day free trial is available & paid plans start from $249/per month

Sprout Social streamlines social media management for businesses, providing a comprehensive solution. Focusing on social engagement, analytics, and collaboration, Sprout Social enhances the efficiency of online interactions.

Key Features

    • Unified Social Inbox: Manage messages, comments, and interactions across multiple social media platforms from a centralized inbox.
    • Publishing and Scheduling: Plan and schedule content across various social networks for consistent and timely engagement.
    • Social Listening: Monitor brand mentions and industry conversations to stay informed about relevant trends and discussions.
    • Analytics and Reporting: Track performance with in-depth analytics, measure engagement, and generate reports for future strategies.

5. Zoho Desk

social customer service platform

Rating:⭐ 4.4

Pricing: A free plan is available

Zoho Desk enhances customer service on social media, facilitating real-time engagement and issue resolution. It provides valuable insights for streamlined interactions across various social channels.

Key Features

    • Unified Social Inbox: Manage interactions from different social channels in one inbox, ensuring no message goes unnoticed.
    • Automated Ticketing: Automatically convert social interactions into tickets for efficient tracking and resolution.
    • Social Media Analytics: Gain insights into customer sentiments, demographics, and engagement patterns to inform your social strategy.
    • Chatbots for Social: Utilize AI-driven chatbots to provide instant responses to common queries, enhancing responsiveness.

6. Sparkcentral

Rating:⭐ 4.3

Pricing: Contact Sparkcentral

Sparkcentral transforms social customer service by providing real-time insights into social media activities. With this platform, businesses can promptly engage with customers and efficiently resolve issues, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Key Features

    • Real-time Insights: Immediate visibility into customer activities on social media platforms.
    • Efficient Issue Resolution: Streamline the process of addressing customer issues in real time.
    • Seamless Customer Experience: Enhance overall customer satisfaction through prompt and effective engagement.
    • Multi-Channel Support: Provide customer service across various social media channels.

7. Salesforce Digital Engagement

social customer service platform

Rating:⭐ 4.5

Pricing: Plans start at $25/per month

Salesforce digital engagement excels in social customer service, offering streamlined interactions and efficient issue resolution. Moreover, businesses benefit from its real-time insights, ensuring an enhanced digital customer service experience.

Key Features

    • Unified Inbox: Manage customer interactions seamlessly by consolidating messages from various social media channels in a unified inbox.
    • Automated Routing: Enhance efficiency with automated routing, ensuring messages are directed to the right agents or teams for prompt responses.
    • Real-time Monitoring: Stay informed with real-time monitoring of customer activities on social platforms, allowing quick engagement and issue resolution.
    • Customer Insights: Leverage sophisticated analytics to gain valuable customer insights, enabling personalized interactions and improved service.


In summary, the world of a social customer service platform offers a rich array of tools for businesses. The top 7 solutions outlined here showcase the capabilities of this platform, providing essential resources to elevate businesses’ online customer engagement strategies. Embrace the power of a social customer service platform for a more connected and responsive online presence.