How to Make Money on Amazon: Complete Guide!

How to Make Money on Amazon

Last Updated: July 2024

If you’re wondering about how to make money on Amazon, you’re in the right place! Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or just exploring new income streams, Amazon offers a multitude of opportunities to make money. 

According to statistics, 56% of the people begin their product search on Amazon, highlighting the immense potential of the platform. 

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover practical tips, proven methods, and insider secrets to help you navigate the Amazon marketplace and maximize your earnings. Get ready to transform your side hustle into a successful online business!

How to Make Money on Amazon

How to make money on Amazon as an Independent seller?

If you want to sell a product, you should go where the customers are, and Amazon is the place to be. As an Amazon seller, you have access to millions of potential customers. Despite the fierce competition, you can carve out a profitable niche with the right strategy. More than half of the products sold on Amazon are from independent sellers like you.

1) Become a Wholesale Seller

Wholesale selling involves buying products in bulk from a brand or manufacturer and selling them on Amazon at a profit. For example, you might negotiate a deal to purchase shoes at $5 per pair and sell them for $8 each on Amazon. 

To start as a wholesale seller, you’ll need to set up a seller account and choose your products. Additionally, you may need a business license and a sales tax permit. Simplify your tax filings by using E-File to submit your sales tax returns to the relevant state authorities.

2) Try Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage involves purchasing branded products at a discount from retail stores and reselling them on Amazon for a profit. Unlike wholesaling, where you buy directly from brands in bulk, retail arbitrage involves buying discounted items from stores like Walmart or Target. The key difference is in the purchasing source and method of securing discounts.

3) Amazon Handmade

With an Amazon seller account, you can apply to join Amazon Handmade to sell your handcrafted items to a global audience. 

The application process includes an Artisan application and audit to ensure your products are genuinely handcrafted. While Amazon Handmade provides access to a vast market, note that there is a 15% referral fee on each sale.

Source: Amazon

4) Become an Amazon Affiliate

Another unique way to earn money with Amazon (without having to invest money in inventory) is by promoting other brands’ products and earning a commission from those sales with the Amazon Associates Program.  

How can you promote the products already listed on Amazon? There are a few ways, but the most popular and proven ways are through a blog, YouTube channel, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

Picture this: you find a cool product on Amazon, share the link with potential customers, and, if they buy it, you get paid a commission.  With the use of social media, you have the potential to reach thousands of people who may be interested in the products you are promoting giving you more of a chance to earn lots in affiliate commissions.

5) Sell Your Designs

If you have a knack for design, consider applying for Merch by Amazon. With Merch on Demand, you can sell products featuring your designs, such as t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and phone cases. The process is straightforward: upload your artwork, select the product type, and Amazon handles the printing and shipping. There’s no upfront cost, and you earn money through royalties.

How to Make Money on Amazon

7) Sell with Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows you to store and ship products directly from Amazon warehouses. This is particularly beneficial if you have limited storage space or want to avoid managing inventory. Amazon will store your products, pick, pack, and ship them to your customers, saving you time and enabling you to focus on expanding your business.

By leveraging these strategies, you can tap into Amazon’s extensive customer base and create a profitable selling venture.

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6 Important Tips To Make Money On Amazon

1) Select a Niche

Focus your products and distinguish yourself from other sellers by choosing a niche, a small segment of a larger market. For instance, you might specialize in luxury bags or handmade leather sandals. Conduct product research to gauge demand and potential profitability.

2) Do Your Research 

After selecting your niche, examine what your main competitors are doing. Look into the products they sell, their pricing strategies, and their marketing tactics.

3) Use Competitive Pricing

Setting competitive prices on Amazon is a balancing act. Your prices should be low enough to stay competitive while ensuring you still make a profit. Consider the cost of your items, shipping fees, and any discounts or coupons when developing your pricing strategy.

4) Optimize Product Descriptions

Your product description plays a crucial role in determining your visibility in Amazon’s search results and convincing customers to purchase from you. Improve your descriptions by providing key product details, using relevant keywords, and keeping the text clear and concise.

5) Take Good Product Pictures

Follow Amazon’s image guidelines and use high-quality photos that accurately depict your product. Including a variety of images from different angles helps give customers a better understanding of the product.

6) Only Sell Quality Products

To gain positive reviews and encourage repeat customers, ensure the quality of your products is top-notch.

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Make Money on Amazon without Selling

If selling isn’t your thing, Amazon offers various non-sales-related opportunities to make money:

1) Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk):

MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace where you can find virtual human intelligence tasks (HITs) that pay you for completion. These tasks range from identifying objects in photos or videos, filling out market research surveys, to transcribing audio recordings. 

To start, create a Worker account on MTurk. Your account will be reviewed, and you should receive a response within three business days. Earnings per task are determined by the requestor.

How to Make Money on Amazon

2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission by promoting products or services. Many websites or blogs include links to recommended products or services. When someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the website or blog owner earns a commission. 

Through Amazon’s affiliate marketing program, Amazon Associates, you can monetize your traffic. To join, apply for the Associates program. Amazon requires a website with original content that is publicly accessible. If accepted, you can share products with your audience using Amazon’s customized linking tools and earn commissions. 

Earnings depend on the product category, with commission income paid approximately 60 days after the end of the month it was earned.

3) Self-Publish with Amazon Kindle:

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows you to self-publish an eBook or paperback for free. After writing your book, the publishing process takes less than five minutes, and your book can appear in Kindle stores worldwide within 72 hours.

You retain control of your book rights and can make changes at any time. You also set your own list price and can earn up to 70% in royalties on sales.

4) Join the Customer Service Team

If you enjoy helping customers solve problems and ensuring a positive experience, consider joining Amazon’s customer service team. Amazon offers both work-from-home and on-site opportunities in various fields. Customer service job opportunities are frequently updated, and you can easily apply online.

How to Make Money on Amazon

5) Deliver with Amazon Flex

If you’re 21 and own a vehicle, you can earn money by delivering Amazon packages through Amazon Flex. A perk of driving with Amazon Flex is the ability to choose your working hours. You can schedule blocks of time to work in advance or on the same day. 

Delivery blocks typically range from 2-4 and 3-6 hours, depending on the delivery type. You’ll need a valid driver’s license, required insurance, and an iPhone or Android smartphone to get started.

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Strategies to Drive Ecommerce Sales

Once you’ve decided how to make money in the Amazon store, there are several ecommerce strategies you can use to grow your business.

1) Build Your Own Brand

Building your own brand requires effort and investment, but it can lead to customer loyalty. Amazon offers a suite of brand-building tools and protection benefits through the Amazon Brand Registry. This program helps you enhance your product detail pages, increase customer engagement, generate customer reviews, and protect against counterfeits, making brand management easier.

How to Make Money on Amazon

2) Grow Brand Awareness

Utilize tools to enhance brand awareness, improve customer consideration, boost conversion rates, and build brand loyalty.

    • Protect Your Brand: Programs like Transparency and the “Report a Violation” tool provide peace of mind by safeguarding your brand.
    • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Use Amazon Brand Analytics to make strategic decisions based on aggregated customer data.

3) Set Competitive Prices

Having a pricing strategy is crucial. Researching the competition for products you intend to sell can be particularly beneficial, especially when you first list products. Regular pricing research can also help boost long-term sales.

    • Analyze Competitor Prices: Dedicate time to analyze prices for similar products in Amazon search.
    • Automate Pricing: Use the Automate Pricing tool to automatically set prices across your portfolio based on current demand.

4) Optimize Listings to Connect with More Shoppers

To connect with more potential customers, use SEO best practices to help your product listings rank higher in search results. Basic search engine optimization involves targeting specific keywords in product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions.

A) Enhance Listing Quality

The Listing Quality Dashboard on Seller Central helps you identify ways to improve product discoverability by recommending attributes and details to add to your listings. This improves the customer experience and addresses time-sensitive issues that might otherwise hide your listing from search results.

B) Cross-Sell, Advertise, and Offer Special Deals

Depending on the products you’re selling and your target audience, experimenting with new sales and marketing tactics can significantly boost your revenue. Here are a few strategies to drive sales on Amazon:

i) Cross-Sell

Help customers find related products to the one they want to buy. For instance, someone buying a phone might also need a phone case. Utilize Virtual Bundles to combine two to five complementary products from your enrolled brand on a single product detail page.

ii) Up-Sell

Recommend premium versions or upgrades of products, such as add-ons. Use comparison charts in A+ Content to subtly cross-sell or up-sell.

iii) Advertise
    • Cost-Per-Click Ads: Amazon offers cost-per-click ads to help you reach both current and potential customers. This includes Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.
    • Sponsored Display: Extend your reach beyond Amazon with Sponsored Display ads.
iv) Offer Deals and Coupons
    • Digital Coupons and Promotions: Attract customers with digital coupons and promotions.
    • Lightning Deals: These are random deals that appear throughout the day.
    • Best Deals: Short-term promotions where an item is featured for a limited number of days.
    • Seasonal Sales and Events: Promote your offers during seasonal sales, holidays, and shopping events like Prime Day to land on the Amazon Deals Page.

5) Experiment with A/B Testing

Curious about which content works best? A/B testing can help you determine the most effective titles, images, and other elements of a product listing. 

Experimentation can boost sales by up to 25%. Use the Manage Your Experiments tool in Seller Central to run A/B tests (also known as split tests) on your Amazon product content to optimize for conversions. Discover how A/B testing can enhance your bottom line.

6) Engage Your Audience

Engaging with your customers is crucial for building loyalty. Here are a few strategies:

    • Follow-Up Emails: After a customer purchases a product, follow up with them via email and invite them to leave a review. Amazon provides email templates to help you shape the customer journey and improve sales.
    • Social Media Marketing: If your customers are active on social media, consider investing in social media marketing. Hold contests, post trivia, and use other interactive methods to showcase products and drive traffic to your online store.
    • Social Selling: Take engagement to the next level with social selling through platforms like Amazon Live. This allows you to do real-time product reveals, provide tailored product suggestions, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can we truly make money on Amazon?

With the variety of sales positions and selling opportunities, it is sure that you can make money online with Amazon. You can sell your products as a retailer or wholesaler or you can start a side hustle that starts delivering products in Amazon Mechanical Truck.

2) How long does it take to earn money on Amazon?

If you’re wondering how much time it takes to make profits on Amazon, it depends on your chosen method. For instance, to become an established seller on Amazon, it might take you months or even years. On the other hand, if you have a strong audience, you leverage it and start earning as an affiliate within a few days. 

3) Which items make the most money on Amazon?

When searching for a profitable item to sell on Amazon, target products with broad market appeal, like electronics or books. Additionally, seek items in less competitive niches. To identify top-selling products across various categories, visit Amazon’s Best Sellers page.

4) What is Amazon’s restricted category?

Before selling on Amazon, make sure you check your product doesn’t come in their list of restricted items. It includes products such as pest control, pesticides, animals, alcohol, tobacco and related products. 

Now that we have explored ‘how to make money on Amazon’, let’s turn our attention to another important aspect – customer service!

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Making money on Amazon is a rewarding venture that offers various opportunities, from selling products to utilizing Amazon’s affiliate programs and self-publishing. 

By carefully choosing a profitable niche, optimizing your listings, and leveraging Amazon’s vast marketplace tools and resources, you can establish a successful and sustainable business. 

Remember, 87% of the customers prefer to buy products from Amazon rather than any other site, proving the platform’s credibility and growth potential.

Start your journey today, and unlock the potential to generate significant income while growing your brand on one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. Additionally, we recommend using Helplama’s services to provide top-notch customer service and build customer loyalty.

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