Top Wellness Brands Looking For Influencers in 2024 [Biggest List]

Wellness Brands Looking For Influencers

If you’re an influencer passionate about health and wellness, there and many wellness brands that are looking for influencers to collaborate with.

But researching and finding these brand collaboration opportunities can be effort-taking and you might even miss great opportunities.

That’s why we have put together the top and most inspired wellness brands you can partner with.




Gymshark is a leading fitness and wellness brand based in the UK that is known for its apparel and accessories. Talking of the brand’s social media presence, Gymshark has around 6 million followers on Instagram

This means you can get great exposure if you get featured in their Insta feed. But there is no specific criteria or form you can fill out to become a Gymshark athlete. 

Nevertheless, they regularly look for new and inspiring talent that can represent their brand and influence their audience to buy Gymshark products. To attract the brand’s attention, you can follow it on social media and tag it in your posts to show your interest and desire to collaborate. 


You might already know about Headspace, a popular wellness app that helps people meditate, practice mindfulness and relax their minds


They are looking for partners who can help the brand inspire, support, and guide people to build a healthy and happy lifestyle using Headspace.

Best of all, Headspace’s website has a specific page where they accept partnership requests.


MiFitnessPal is also a wellness app that helps people create and achieve nutrition and health goals. The app also can be connected with 50+ apps related to fitness and wellness. Their database contains over 14 million foods, maybe that is why the app is so popular when it comes to wellness and nutrition.

MyFitnesspal brand influencer partnership

Talking of collaborations, they often post influencers’ wellness success stories using MyFitnessPal on their official Instagram handle. Furthermore, if you’re already a fan and passionate about MyFitnessPal and can encourage your audience to use the app, you can contact them to become their brand ambassador.

If you’re a blogger, you can also ask them for content collaboration and get featured in their blog.


Fitbit accounts for 72% share in the connected health and fitness market, making it the market leader, as per NPD, USA. 

Fitbit affiliates

To grow its market share further, Fitbit is looking for affiliates who can encourage people to buy Fitbit products and accessories. In return, you will get a commission for every sale generated. 

Best of all, the Fitbit affiliate program is open and anyone can apply to become an affiliate. You will also get creative assets from the company, helping you create great content and influence sales.

Optimum Nutrition

A US-based health and wellness brand that sells sports nutrition supplements globally. The ON Whey Protein Powder is one of their most successful products. Other than supplements, they also sell healthy snacks and accessories.


Their Instagram handle has over 650 thousand followers and regularly features ON athletes. They are looking for health and fitness enthusiasts with knowledge and experience in using nutrition supplements. Furthermore, they are looking for long-term associations with influencers who can represent their brand.


If you are into health and fitness, ChopFit is a unique fitness equipment brand that sells limited and creative multipurpose products that can help you work out, exercise, and have a healthy body.


Their primary product is hammer-shaped equipment that they call a “Chopper.” It can be used to do many exercises and comes in a variety of colors and weight options. They also have an app named “ChopFit” to help people make the best use of the ChopFit products and achieve their health and wellness goals.

Currently, they do not have a strong social media presence, maybe that is why they are actively looking for interested influencers to become ChopFit brand ambassadors.

Quantum MVMT

Quantum MVMT is a not-so-popular fitness and apparel brand that sells men’s and women’s fitness apparel and a variety of workout and exercise equipment. 

Quantum MVMT

To grow their market reach and sales, they are looking for influencers to represent their brand and become their brand ambassador or part of their #QuantumCrew.

Quantum MVMT website has a dedicated page to invite ambassador applications and their program is one of the most transparent ambassador programs we have seen. The requirements and perks are clearly mentioned to avoid confusion.


Based in the USA, Maude is the leading sexual wellness brand that is known for its modern sexual wellness products. Other than the USA, they also sell their products in the UK, CA, EU, and AUS.


They are actively looking for interested influencers to become their brand ambassadors. Unlike many, brands, they are not looking for influencers with big audiences. They want passionate brand ambassadors who will understand their brand values and vision.

What are the perks? You will earn a 10% commission on every sale generated through your unique link. You can apply for their ambassador program through their website if you’re interested.

Lululemon Athletica


If you live in Canada, you might already know about Lululemon, one of the top Canadian brands looking for influencers

Lululemon is popular in multiple countries for its men’s and women’s technical activewear. The brand is looking for passionate athletes and fitness influencers to collaborate with and convert them into brand ambassadors. 

You can visit the Lululemon official website to know more about the company and the ambassador program.

In The End

We hope that you applied to become an ambassador for one of these top health and wellness brands looking for influencers. Furthermore, collaborating with these brands will surely help you grow your influencer career and earn a living from it as well.

And if you didn’t find these brands good to collaborate with or they are unrelated to your interest or audience, we suggest you follow your favorite bands and keep looking for collaboration opportunities. 

If you find the process overwhelming, you can use a good influencer tool like that can help you collaborate with your favorite brands without much effort. 

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