Why Do You Need a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy and How to Build One

The challenges of marketing to customers in the midst of a pandemic have been a catalyst for innovation. Customer churn is a growing trend that is driving businesses to dig deeper into customer data for answers. It is becoming increasingly clear that a great product is not enough to keep customers satisfied. The reason: it […]

Choosing the Right Customer Service Software for Your Business


The software revolution is sweeping across the customer service industry in a big way. As businesses transition to omnichannel support, it was only a matter of time before customer support agents too got their hands on high-tech tools to do their jobs with. Thanks to software tools, manual processes for tagging customer accounts, for example, […]

5 Customer Service Tips Businesses Can’t Afford to Forget

Customer Service Tips

Great customer service is like an invisible calling card that customers can instinctively read. Even if they haven’t brought from you before, online shoppers can form opinions about you based on what others are saying about you, both online and off. That is why satisfied customers are the best possible endorsement that your online store […]

Characteristics of an Ideal Customer Service Outsourcing Agency


If your online store has found it hard to support customers during this difficult time, you are not alone. Even the best-laid business continuity plan could not have visualized a complete lockdown like the one witnessed around the world since March 2020. As e-commerce businesses struggled to switch to remote operations, service levels hit rock […]

Outsourcing Customer Support is More Relevant Since COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call for businesses in terms of operational flexibility and cost control. Though growth in e-commerce volumes has accelerated much faster than expected, there has also been a significant shift in consumer behavior. Demand has not been uniform across all e-commerce product categories with fashion and travel-related products in […]

How to Leverage Email Tracking to Provide a Great Customer Experience


As a marketing channel, email has received more than its fair share of flak for being too easy to ignore and be regarded as spam. However, it remains one of the most effective ways of driving customer engagement and repeat sales. Targeted email campaigns can be described as the digital equivalent of personalized customer experience […]

5 Customer Service Skills that Can Set You Apart


From checkout to the post-purchase experience, customer service has an important role to play in delivering your brand promise. After all, it is that one thing your competitors cannot replicate. Small businesses like online e-commerce stores are ideally placed to build a personal connection with customers than their larger competitors. Many businesses are going out […]

5 Tips to Consistently Ace Customer Communication


Retention, referrals, revenue – great customer service can help you reach your business goals faster than almost any other factor. Research has proven time and again that there is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and loyalty. While most businesses recognize this, many fail consistently to meet customer expectations despite investing in the latest technology […]

5 Top Remote Collaboration Tools for Customer Service Teams


Zoom and Google Hangouts have registered double-digit growth in downloads since lockdown was imposed in many parts of the world. There is greater awareness about remote collaboration tools among office workers, thanks to online courses, and businesses are tweaking their workflows to allow greater flexibility in their employees’ work schedules. This trend of remote collaboration […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Net Promoter Score


Satisfied customers are the biggest proof that your products work. However, during the course of the average customer journey, the customer satisfaction graph rarely remains constant. The reasons are many: complicated checkout processes, extra shipping charges, problems in rerouting packages to other addresses, etc. Tracking customer satisfaction is key to keeping your revenues growing. In […]