When and How to Ask Customers for Feedback


Asking for feedback shows customers that you care. Most customers are likely to be appreciative of any attempt you make to get their opinion on how to make your product better. It conveys a willingness to hear opinions that may be different to your own and to be vulnerable to criticism. For e-commerce businesses, customer […]

5 Ways to Assure and Win Back Lost Customers


If your customer attrition rate is higher than normal, you need to ask yourself some hard questions. You’ll discover that price, by itself, is rarely the problem. Customers leave when they feel that their expectations are not being met. For online shoppers, these expectations may relate to product quality or convenience in terms of easy […]

5 Ways AI Can Complement Your Customer Support and Contribute to Customer Retention


Customer support is getting faster and more efficient. Given the growth of the e-commerce industry, speed is no longer optional. The risks of failing to deliver great customer service are all too well-known. Customer churn has turned into one of the most-watched metrics for business owners because of its negative impact on the bottom line. […]

Frictionless Returns: The Key To Positive Customer Experience for E-commerce


A quick and easy return policy is one of the biggest differentiators for e-commerce brands today. This has been proven in a study conducted by Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) analytics specialist, Narvar. They found that 70% of online shoppers considered an easy returns process an important factor for future purchases with the same brand. Not […]

6 Tried and Tested Tips for Remote Customer Support


To reduce operating costs and ensure 24X7 customer support coverage, businesses around the world have been pivoting to remote customer service. The coronavirus crisis has only accelerated this trend. The advantages in terms of both service quality and attrition management are a no brainer. As customers demand personalized support, the appeal of remote teams supported […]

Customer Service Surveys: Best Practices & Guidelines


SurveyMonkey, a popular online survey platform, conducted a study recently where it asked 400 users how many surveys they would typically complete. The response was remarkable. Only 10% of those surveyed said they were likely to complete all surveys they came across. As many as 28% of respondents said they would complete only a few. […]

How to Master the Art of B2B Customer Support?


B2B customer support thrives on relationships just like its B2C counterpart. The only difference being that B2B customer support is based not so much on social proof as outcomes that help client-based companies succeed with their own end-customers. The domino effect of a possible delay or disruption in service can result in the loss of […]

Best Customer Support Practices to Deliver Superior Customer Service


Exceptional customer service has real and tangible benefits for your company’s bottom line. It can help you get word of mouth publicity, earn referrals, boost retention, and consequently reduce your marketing spend at a time when the coronavirus crisis is squeezing budgets and altering consumer priorities. Adobe’s Annual Digital Trends Report 2020 found that 20% […]

5 Proven Ways to Build a Rapport with Customers Using Voice Support


Personalization of service is a key priority for business leaders across the industries today. Survey after survey has revealed that customers want to be treated as human beings. Yet – despite their best intentions – companies sometimes tend to over-engineer their customer support channels which make navigating through them a fairly complex task for customers. […]

The Human Touch: How to Add Warmth & Connection to Your Customer Support?


The key to great customer service is making customers feel valued. Rather than using scripted lines, it is about being genuinely engaged with customers and going out of your way to assist them. This is easier said than done, though. Experts say that there is no formula that can guarantee engaged customer relationships. However, they […]