10 Essential Customer Service Etiquette to Master in 2022

The present-day business world operates with customers as its nexus. The success or failure of your business ventures (irrespective of types and categories) mostly depends upon how well you treat your customers.  According to a survey, customers who rate a company for delivering a ‘good’ experience are 34% more likely to purchase again and 35% […]

6 Pro Tips on How to Improve Customer Service Response Times

How to Drastically Improve Customer Service

Long customer service response times can be irritating. So irritating that long response times can also make your customers end the business relationship. In Helplama’s survey, 60% of respondents reported that they broke the business relationship with a company because response times were too long. Moreover, SuperOffice reported that about 75% of customers claimed that […]

12 Pro Tips on How to Talk to Customers!


In this customer-centric era, customer experience has become the cornerstone for the success of a business venture. Having said that, customer experiences are largely governed by how you talk to customers and how efficient your customer service team is. After all, improper customer interactions defeat the very purpose of creating a frontline. Don’t forget: “Customer […]

What are the Major Consequences of Poor Customer Service and How to Fix Them?

top 5 reasons of poor customer service and how to fix them

In today’s global marketplace, competition is fierce, and providing a good customer service experience is more important than ever.  68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand known to offer good customer service experiences. On the other hand, poor customer service can be destructive for your […]

Why it is Important to Empower Customer Service Team: A Comprehensive Guide

Empower customer service team

Why should you empower your customer service team when you could focus your efforts towards maximizing your reach or invest in other aspects of your organization? According to Helplama’s customer service survey, 50% of the consumers cited ‘unskilled customer representatives’ as a reason for ending business relationships with a company. This means it can be […]

7 Stats That Prove ‘Live Chat’ is The New Frontier of Customer Service

Live Chat Statistics Trends Facts

Do you provide ‘live chat’ as a customer support channel to your customers? If not, you should. Live chat as customer support seems to be the new trend. Not only because it’s convenient and economically cheaper than other support channels, but live chat also results in higher customer satisfaction rates. A significant proportion – 73% […]

Nine Phrases to Transform Your Customer Service From Good to Awesome


Regardless of which industry you are working in, customer experiences can make or break your business reputation. This is why having a proactive customer service strategy is crucial. A recent study showed that 84% of consumers consider customer service as a critical determining purchase factor (Oberlo). At such a critical juncture, a customer service agent […]

Why Customer Service Should Be at the Core of Your Growth Strategy?


As the adoption of digital channels has skyrocketed, businesses that take time to listen to their customer’s needs and wants will be the ones to survive. However, when a brand is not meeting customers’ expectations, they may start feeling undervalued and quickly switch. That’s why you need a solid customer service strategy that aims to […]

4 Examples of Bad Customer Support You Should Avoid like a Plague


Going above and beyond the call of duty is a popular theme in many Hollywood flicks. In real life, too, random acts of kindness often make the headlines, like a cab driver tracking down the owner and returning a misplaced purse. Such stories provide a welcome break from the gloom surrounding the pandemic that has […]

4 Secrets to Delivering Exceptional SaaS Customer Support


At the height of the pandemic, factories and offices worldwide wore a deserted look. However, work continued to get done fairly quickly, and we have the technology – particularly SaaS – to thank for that. Tools like Zoom and Slack have become household names, and their market valuations have shot up since. Running business operations […]