Top 10 Tidio Alternatives & Competitors in 2022


Are you in search of Tidio alternatives? With its native integration with e-commerce platforms, Tidio is a significant customer service tool that offers features of both chatbot and live chat. However, many businesses find it insufficient, owing to a lack of a knowledge base and constant upkeep.  Many Tidio alternatives have sprung up for the […]

10 Best Bloomfire Competitors & Alternatives in 2022

Bloomberg competitors featured image

Bloomfire has been one of the most popular internal knowledge management platforms since 2010, with clients including some of the world’s leading brands such as Shopify, Southwest, Conagra, and others. However, Bloomfire may not be for everyone, and it’s a good idea to look into other options before settling on a knowledge management solution that […]

Top 11 Richpanel Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

Richpanel alternatives and competitors

Are you in search of Richpanel alternatives to manage your help desk efficiently? If so, you have come to the right place. Even though Richpanel comes with many features to manage your help desk and self-service portal, still it is not tailored for the needs of every business in the market. That’s why we have […]

How to Migrate Products from BigCommerce to Shopify?


With a hike in the number of e-commerce platforms, it is very common to opt for re-platforming. According to eMarketer, online retail sales will reach $6.17 trillion by 2023, with e-commerce websites taking up 22.3% of total retail sales.  Given the importance of e-commerce websites, merchants like you will always be in search of the […]

E-learning Statistics That Prove The Significance of E-learning For Companies!

It’s no secret that technology has changed the way people teach and learn. Learning is no longer limited to traditional methods, and the majority of learning is now digital. Mobile devices, virtual learning systems, and online courses are just a few of the digital tools available to instructors and learners today. As per KPMG’s research, […]

Top 7 B2B E-commerce Best Practices in 2022


B2B e-commerce is much more than just selling products and services. It’s also about understanding customer needs and fulfilling their expectations throughout their customer journey. In fact, in our survey, 85% of consumers said they want brands to exceed their expectations across their entire customer journey, and not just while purchasing with them. So, for […]

80 Content Marketing Stats That Every Marketer Should Know!


Almost every marketer knows content marketing is an effective strategy that can bring a significant proportion of leads to a business. This is the reason why they are increasingly shifting their focus and marketing budget from traditional marketing to content marketing. Even today’s consumers also appear to prefer brands to approach them through content rather […]

How Can Infographics Boost Your SEO?

Should you use infographics in your content strategy? Can infographics really improve SEO? Yes, when used correctly, an infographic can significantly improve your SEO efforts.   In today’s digital age, Infographics have become extremely popular as a strategy to grab the dwindling human attention. It is estimated that over 65 percent of brands use infographics for […]

How to Get People (Actually) Read Your Content?


Before we start with the ‘How,’ let us understand ‘Why’ you need to ensure that your content is being read by people. No matter how efficient an individual is, it takes a great lot of effort and time to prepare good quality content for viewers. And if your viewers aren’t reading your content, then the […]

5 Proven Benefits of Adding Emojis to Email Subject Lines :)


Email is one of the most preferred business communication channels. Still, the average email open rate is 21.33%. But there’s a way you can make your emails stand out – Adding emojis to email subject lines. In a study by Experian, subject-line emojis accounted for increased open rates for 56% of brands. Moreover, 92% of […]