Too Many Emails To Handle? Should You Outsource?

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Replying to customer emails is exhausting when you’re working hard to improve and maintain the quality of your product or services. As your business grows, the emails start flooding in and it becomes hard to respond expediently. Therefore, email support outsourcing is the smartest solution. Why? Because entertaining all the queries and concerns of your customers is not easy as it seems. But we master in handling email outsource customer support. How do we do this? Talk to usWe are very transparent in our procedure of allotting an agent.

Helplama has email support agents with commendable knowledge and skills in your vertical no matter how specific your business is. Hence, we make sure that your customers are in best hands, intensively trained for your trade.

Email response service without any delay

Swift Email Response Service

Waiting for an email is nothing less than hanging off a cliff, dangling over a sea of uncertainty. If you keep your customers hang off for a long time, they’ll let go eventually. Our agents keep the customers engaged with prompt email replies with apt verbiage and courteous replies. With Helplama’s assistance, the tardiness won’t frustrate the customers or change their intent, so they will never turn their backs on you.

Email response service without any delay

Want Domain Experts to handle your Email Support?

Domain Expertise. Prompt Responses. Flexible Service. Local Agents.

Category intensive email support service experts for email support outsourcing
Category intensive email support service experts for email support outsourcing

Email Support Service Experts with Street Cred

Our talented email response service personnel go through rigorous training and mock chats in order to excel at your storefront. The mock chat sessions are simulated using an A.I. chat simulator fed with data from your previous chat records, product line and store policies. Afterwards, we score and format these sessions for your consideration. Hence, you always pick the email support agents you deem skilfull enough for your business.

Other Customer Support Services by Helplama:

Live Chat Support

Hire local Live Chat Agents with category expertise in your business domain to engage your customers and appease their queries and concerns.

Voice Support

Call Answering Executives with the appropriate tone, accent, verbiage and cultural background to cater to your customers’ specific needs.

Inbound email processing with high efficiency

Convenient Inbound Email Support Processing

We follow a Zero Risk Model for business, wherein you are subject to reimbursement if the talent we procure isn’t satisfactory. This model makes sure you don’t have to settle for mediocrity, just the very best or your money back. Hence, your investment is never at risk. We constantly monitor individual performances of the email support agents to inform you about their conversion rates and return on investment you get with them.

Inbound email processing with high efficiency

What our awesome clients say about us:

Alex Back

Operations Manager, Apt2b

Our chat efforts in general now have a hand in at least 30% of all conversions and Helplama is responsible for 30-40 hours of additional chat coverage each week. Helplama’s chatters are definitely superior to what we’re paying them. They’re intelligent, able to handle a lot of information and use proper grammar. The collaborative nature of our relationship with Helplama has directly contributed to the success of our chat initiatives at large. The impact is very high and the cost is very reasonable.”

Sam Dean

CEO, PlugYourHoles

”Helplama has been great. It’s wonderful to have someone available to customers when we’re not in the office. Customers have instant answers, which means that they don’t have to go looking to my competitors.”


Customer Service Manager, Vitaly Design

Helplama’s setup process was Effortless! The agents were able to use provided responses to reply to any customer inquiries. They were great at handing off the inquiry if it was outside of their script. Agents were friendly and warm, they did not sound robotic or unwilling to help.