How Customer Support As A Service Works

Training Customer Support As a Service Personnel

We use tried and tested processes to make sure that your business gets the best category specific live support service personnel to cater to your customers’ needs.

Step 1 – Your Company’s Support Process

We go through thousands of your past customer interactions to map out your customer support process.

Step 2 – Business Specific Support Training

Our team trains an Artificially Intelligent Chat Simulator Bot based on your company’s process and policies. This software is then used to train domain experts on your company’s process.

Step 3 – Personnel Selection

You get a list of all the domain experts’ scores and simulated support sessions. You can then choose to hire anyone based on their domain knowledge, personality and skills.

Step 4 – Conversion and ROI Tracking

We track the performance of every single live chat customer service executive and provide you with a clear picture on their performance and ROI.