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Customer Service Outsourcing 101: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid and 5 Things to Remember Before You Sign Up
In an age of increasing competition, it is important for online stores to keep things simple- whether it is order fulfilment...
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Thinking of Outsourcing Customer Support? Here's why it could be your Smart Move!
Quality – the word sums up the stream of thoughts most business owners have in mind when they consider outsourcing...
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Customer Support Outsourcing Trends: How Has It Evolved to Be the Perfect Way to Manage Customer Queries?
Since the mid-90s, customer support outsourcing has been growing at a rapid pace to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for...
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How to Leverage Social Media Platforms to Drive Sales for Your Ecommerce Stores?
If you’re an online e-commerce store owner, you probably have used social media one way or another to market your products....
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Challenges of Outsourcing Voice Support: How to Overcome them
Being kept on hold for 20 minutes by a call center agent on the other side of the world is the last thing anyone wants in...
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9 Creative and Easy Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customers
If you want to make a lasting impression on your audience and retain them longer, creating a delightful customer experience...
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Outsource Customer Support: 5 Key Reasons for Your Business
To an online store owner, the decision to outsource customer support may seem like a no-brainer given the time and cost advantages...
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Can Outsourced Voice Support Delight Customers, Align with Brand? Learn How!
The debate over outsourced customer support operations has been convincingly settled in its favor. The cost advantage of...
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