5 Tips to Revive Failed Customer Loyalty Programs


To retain your customers, you have to think long term. This means thinking not only in terms of sales but also building relationships with them. If your customers feel valued and appreciated, you can generate priceless word-of-mouth publicity. In turn, this stimulates referrals, positive online reviews and lowers marketing costs. This is a key reason […]

5 Proven Strategies to Improve Brand Loyalty Among Today’s Younger Generation


Smart, opinionated, passionate – these define the millennial generation, currently the largest group of buyers globally. As digital natives, they are obsessed with social media and want transparency and authenticity from the brands they choose. For the younger generation, shopping is about discovering new brands rather than a chore that just needs to be done. […]

How to Improve Customer Perceptions of Your Brand


If you aim to increase customer loyalty in today’s time, you need to take the inside-out approach. After all, customers only respond to what they see, hear and feel about your product and service. This creates a distinct perception in their mind that they associate with your brand. Perceptions tend to stick, and a single […]

How to Improve Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Beyond the Pandemic


Any business spends a lot of time focusing on retaining the top 20% of its customers. This is because their contribution to revenue is significantly higher than the remaining 80%. The longer they stay with your brand, the more profit you can expect to make.  However, with the pandemic altering customer buying decisions, it is […]

6 Things to Do When You Know Your Customer Has Misinterpreted Things


Managing customer expectations efficiently is the key to retaining them for the long term. Customers that do complain provide brands vital clues about what’s working and what isn’t. However, not all customer complaints arise from genuine issues with your product. Some of them are the result of misunderstanding or unreasonable expectations on the part of […]

4 Examples of E-commerce Customer Loyalty Programs Done Right


If you are looking to create your customer loyalty program, why reinvent the wheel? There are plenty of popular loyalty programs that you can learn from. This can be your shortcut to success while avoiding mistakes, ultimately helping you get better returns faster. There is no doubt that loyalty programs stimulate customers to spend more, […]

How Can Marketing Automation Boost Customer Loyalty in 2021


If your online e-commerce businesses’ retention rate has been dropping off late, you may be considering changing your marketing strategy. This may seem like the logical thing to do with a profound shift in consumer buying habits in the post-pandemic environment. However, what if your strategy is sound, but there are gaps in the customer […]

How Referral Programs Can Build an E-commerce Store’s Customer Reliability

How-Referral-Programs-Featured Image

Today customers may find themselves facing a challenging task. That task is to make the best purchasing decisions from among the several options available. Often the decision is based on ads seen on the TV, print, or social media platforms. However, factors like friends, family, or co-workers’ opinions or thoughts can influence a customer’s buying […]

Guide to Increasing Customer Retention Through Referral Programs for your Ecommerce Store


The growth of every business, irrespective of its size, depends on its customer growth. While acquiring new customers is critical, another equally important factor in a business’ success is customer retention. Importance of Referral Programs in Customer Retention Customer retention can be a fantastic marketing strategy to help businesses retain customers and stay loyal to […]

4 Scalable Customer Loyalty Strategies for Your E-commerce


A loyal customer is one of the best assets your e-commerce store could have. From this point onwards, you just have to replicate the same strategy and get the same results. However, finding the right strategy for turning visitors to your site into repeat customers requires patience and relentless iteration. If you are just starting […]