How to Leverage Email Tracking to Provide a Great Customer Experience


As a marketing channel, email has received more than its fair share of flak for being too easy to ignore and be regarded as spam. However, it remains one of the most effective ways of driving customer engagement and repeat sales. Targeted email campaigns can be described as the digital equivalent of personalized customer experience […]

5 Tips to Consistently Ace Customer Communication


Retention, referrals, revenue – great customer service can help you reach your business goals faster than almost any other factor. Research has proven time and again that there is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and loyalty. While most businesses recognize this, many fail consistently to meet customer expectations despite investing in the latest technology […]

How to Improve First Time Fix Rates to Achieve Higher Customer Satisfaction


Here’s an easy, low-cost way to increase average order size and improve customer retention: solve customer problems in the first attempt. The advantages are many: Lower operating costs, Better upselling opportunities Better customer satisfaction, and  Revenue growth.  There are many ways to measure and improve your first-time fix or resolution rate, from automated IVR surveys […]

5 Top Remote Collaboration Tools for Customer Service Teams


Zoom and Google Hangouts have registered double-digit growth in downloads since lockdown was imposed in many parts of the world. There is greater awareness about remote collaboration tools among office workers, thanks to online courses, and businesses are tweaking their workflows to allow greater flexibility in their employees’ work schedules. This trend of remote collaboration […]

How Should Your Customer Success Approach Evolve to Tackle the Current and Future Crises


With the world in the grip of arguably the worst crisis in modern history, the resilience and adaptability of businesses – and customer success teams – is being put to the test. Given the inevitable delivery delays and disruptions, customers are likely to feel overwhelmed, leading to higher call/chat volumes than usual. With rising layoffs […]

Customer Success Strategies That Truly Work For your E-commerce Store


The E-commerce industry is scaling at a rapid pace. New brands are taking over the market by storm, and newer technology and innovations are changing the horizon of how businesses are being done. This is also scaling the competition between rival brands. With so many companies offering similar products to a similar target audience, how […]

5 Ways Customer Satisfaction Correlates with Business Results


Whether you are a new e-commerce brand or have a few years of experience to your name, one of the tried and tested ways you can boost sales is by providing great customer service. Typically, business owners have their hands full taking care of everything from sourcing products to handling marketing. It is easy for […]

How to Leverage Social Media Platforms to Drive Sales for Your Ecommerce Stores?


If you’re an online e-commerce store owner, you probably have used social media one way or another to market your products. For an industry that is expected to grow to $4.5 trillion by 2021, social media is a great leveller – it has helped small online businesses compete with billion-dollar brands and make money. The […]

9 Creative and Easy Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customers


If you want to make a lasting impression on your audience and retain them longer, creating a delightful customer experience has to be on the top of your growth agenda. Over the years, online businesses have realized that the typical customer journey – from the on-site buying experience to the unboxing of a product – […]