4 Pro Tips to Creating Phenomenal B2B Customer Experiences


More than a year after a global lockdown, business growth is finally starting to reach pre-pandemic levels. With customers back in stores and flights at full capacity, hopes of a ‘V-shaped recovery’ have started to materialize. For many companies, the focus has been on finding new markets and diversifying supply chains. Cost control is assuming […]

8 Unmissable Benefits of Multilingual Customer Support


If you think having a brilliant product is the only thing that matters, you may not be entirely correct. Providing customers with quality after-sales services is equally important. Professional customer service experiences play a critical role in client retention.  Whether you are into e-commerce or in the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal […]

50+ Customer Service Stats [Outsourcing, Experience, Loyalty, and Automation]

Customer service stats outsourcing

Customer service is a thing that keeps evolving, so do customer expectations.  Traditional ways of serving customers that have been in use for the past decade, may not be able to satisfy today’s modern customers. In this modern era, customer service has become an important factor that consumers consider while or before doing business with […]

7 Powerful Support Email Writing Hacks that Really Works


Sending out dozens of customer support emails are the daily chores of marketing agents globally and perhaps it’s easy to undervalue the primary importance it has. Just a factually wrong or an ill-written support email can have effects you’d not want at all for your business. Do you know that the good ol’ emails beat other […]

Customer Service Automation vs Customer Experience: How to Find a Balance


Driven by the need to keep costs down, many companies are going full speed ahead with modernizing and automating their customer service processes. It would seem strange not to. Since the pandemic, decoding customer loyalty drivers has become a challenge. As support volumes go up, 76% of businesses say automation could make up for shortfalls […]

Ways to Build a Customer Service Culture for your Ecommerce Store

What makes Amazon the most valuable brand in the world? You might point to its record-breaking $386 billion revenue for 2020 or its soaring stock price in response to this question. Perhaps, Amazon’s two-day delivery service or incredibly low prices are the biggest draws for you. However, a look at the company’s vision statement will […]

Knowledge Base Seo Tips To Cut Support Time By Half

In 2021, customer retention is probably the number one priority for a variety of businesses. Some commentators are already calling 2021 the ‘Year of Customer Retention’ . The reason: it is much easier to keep selling to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. That apart, engaged customers often act as […]

5 Proven Strategies to Optimize Customer Experience in 2021

loyal and happy customers

In 2021, a positive customer experience is simply the only way for brands to survive. COVID-19 has triggered an avalanche of change that no one could have predicted a few years ago. Today, brands are forced to rethink their whole value proposition, thanks to a major shift in consumer buying behavior. Falling sales and declining […]

Best Knowledge Base Management Software 2021


A big aspect of customer experience is equipping your customers with the knowledge of how your product works. This can help them get the best possible results using it and hopefully earn you a loyal customer for the long term. Depending on the niche you’re in, educating customers may mean many different things- creating support […]

5 Reasons Why Measuring Customer Experience is Crucial


Customer experience today is a must-win game that decides the fate of every e-commerce brand and permits almost zero exceptions. Business owners spend a lot of time analyzing CSAT, NPS, or CES data in an effort to gauge the customer experience of their brands. This is because every industry is likely to witness a new […]