Tried and Tested Strategies to Build an Online Customer Community


What if you had a loyal band of customers that preferred to buy almost exclusively from your online store? You probably think we’re too optimistic or even delusional! However, the biggest e-commerce brands like Sephora and eBay have managed to do just that. They have gotten some remarkable results by going beyond mere marketing to […]

How to Leverage Email Tracking to Provide a Great Customer Experience


As a marketing channel, email has received more than its fair share of flak for being too easy to ignore and be regarded as spam. However, it remains one of the most effective ways of driving customer engagement and repeat sales. Targeted email campaigns can be described as the digital equivalent of personalized customer experience […]

5 Customer Service Skills that Can Set You Apart


From checkout to the post-purchase experience, customer service has an important role to play in delivering your brand promise. After all, it is that one thing your competitors cannot replicate. Small businesses like online e-commerce stores are ideally placed to build a personal connection with customers than their larger competitors. Many businesses are going out […]

5 Ways to Assure and Win Back Lost Customers


If your customer attrition rate is higher than normal, you need to ask yourself some hard questions. You’ll discover that price, by itself, is rarely the problem. Customers leave when they feel that their expectations are not being met. For online shoppers, these expectations may relate to product quality or convenience in terms of easy […]

7 Ways to Tackle Customer Churn for SaaS in a Recession


How the current scenario will change the SaaS world in the short and long term is anybody’s guess. But what is clear is that as customers adapt to the altering environment, every SaaS company must gear itself for customer churn. How do you address the churn? By keeping customers happy. It’s that fundamental. An unhappy […]

5 Great Customer Service Tips for Small Businesses to Beat the Big Ones


Customer service is now the biggest brand differentiator for businesses of all sizes. Great overall customer experience is now considered to be a more important factor than just the price and product quality. Customers prefer brands that make them feel valued. In fact, research conducted by Oracle shows that 86% of shoppers are even willing […]

5 Ways Customer Satisfaction Correlates with Business Results


Whether you are a new e-commerce brand or have a few years of experience to your name, one of the tried and tested ways you can boost sales is by providing great customer service. Typically, business owners have their hands full taking care of everything from sourcing products to handling marketing. It is easy for […]

Online Reputation Management – A Key Strategy to Brand Building


If you have a great product and can tell a good story, your social media posts are likely to get a lot of attention. However, the social media posts of your brand will also have customer feedback–comments, suggestions, and inevitably, criticism. The times we live in, social media conversations can help you discover what customers […]

How to Leverage Social Media Platforms to Drive Sales for Your Ecommerce Stores?


If you’re an online e-commerce store owner, you probably have used social media one way or another to market your products. For an industry that is expected to grow to $4.5 trillion by 2021, social media is a great leveller – it has helped small online businesses compete with billion-dollar brands and make money. The […]